1 Best Private School in Dubai with Montessori Curriculum

Kids should be well-nourished in a good environment. The school is the place where they spend most of their time once they are there. So the school where we send our kids should be selected carefully and only after doing a lot of research.

Kids get influenced by their surroundings and also learn from their surroundings. The Private School in Dubai should provide a good environment where the kids will feel safe and secure. Along with a safe environment, kids should also get a good education. So, as parents, we should be conscious of the kids’ school.

Best Private School in Dubai

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the best private and international schools in Dubai. It focuses on the overall growth of the students. The school helps students excel in all aspects.

Montessori Curriculum

GIIS has designed a unique and proven framework that helps students develop in all aspects. The framework is designed to develop skills, abilities, and personalities in the students. The Montessori curriculum at GIIS focuses equally on both academics and school activities. The curriculum gives importance to improving kids’ language fluency through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities.

The school activities at GIIS are the best at GIIS, where students can instill confidence and enhance their intellectual capabilities. These activities also help students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills at a young age.

The school also provides a value-added program called STEAM. The program is designed to increase and improve the students’ knowledge in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.

Safe and Secure Environment

Children learn a lot from their environment and are also influenced by it. Keeping this in mind, GIIS takes great care and responsibility in providing the children with the safest environment possible.

The kids are observed closely and given individual care. The school believes that every kid is special and needs to be taken care of individually. This individual care gives the students a safe and secure environment.

The school ensures the kids’ safety by providing a warm, healthy, and friendly environment. The teachings at GIIS can help students become confident, compassionate, and respectful citizens.

Facilities at GIIS

The facilities at GIIS are top-notch. All the classrooms in the school are fully digitalized. GIIS uses technology at its best to teach students. The school also has dedicated laboratories for science, math, and computers.

The teaching faculty at GIIS is well-trained, experienced, and proficient in their subjects. They are also good at modern teaching methods. The faculty also goes through a training period where they upskill every year.

The parents are also involved in the kids’ activities. GIIS believes that parents play a key role in kids’ school lives. So they organize events that can help improve communication and relationships among students, parents, and teachers.


GIIS is the best private school in Dubai that offers a Montessori curriculum. The school takes care of the kids and teaches them all that they need to excel in their school and personal lives.

They have the perfect curriculum and the best facilities. And the most important thing for kids of that age is a safe and secure environment. GIIS gives your child the safest environment to learn, explore, and develop.

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