5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a College Major

In the fall of 2020, college enrollment totaled 15.85 million undergraduate students. Each of these students comes from a different background and pursues differing careers after college. However, there’s one thing they each have in common.

Every college student, at some point, chooses a major to study. The majority choose this major before they begin college. Most likely, this is what you will do when you apply to colleges.

However, selecting a college major isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many students make mistakes when choosing their majors that make college more difficult. Making the wrong choice could leave you in tough straits as you pursue a career.

However, that doesn’t have to be you. Check out these five mistakes to avoid as you explore options for majors!

1. Choosing for Security

The first mistake people often make is selecting a college major simply because they believe it guarantees them a job. However, there’s just one problem. No college degree guarantees a job after graduation.

Sure, there may be more opportunities for IT majors than art historians. However, choosing a major simply because it may earn you more money is a recipe for misery.

It always helps to choose a major that interests you since you’ll likely work harder at it. When you work hard, you may find opportunities that others wouldn’t.

2. Following Passions With No Experience

While you shouldn’t choose a major based on security, don’t let blind zeal make the decision. It’s best to choose a major you have some experience in.

For example, let’s say you want to pursue an MBA in human resource management. If so, it helps to intern in an HR department or to shadow a professional in this role.

3. Not Comparing Major Costs

Unfortunately, colleges often charge varying tuition rates for their programs. So, consider what major programs best fit your budget.

If there’s a major you really want to pursue, compare costs between different colleges. After a while, you’ll find the program that best suits your budget.

4. Selecting a College Major Because Someone Told You To

Many people choose majors because it’s the path their parents want them to pursue. Others may have had teachers who urged them towards a major they believe will work best for them.

Always listen to your elders’ advice. However, don’t let them make your decision for you.

After all, you’re the one managing the weekly class schedule. Don’t let others pressure you into a path you’ll hate.

5. Applying to Colleges Without Knowing Your Path

Remember, colleges aim to do two things. First, they supply you with knowledge and skill in a given field. Second, they prepare you for a career.

So, choose your major based on that knowledge. What career will you pursue? What skills will you need to succeed?

Find Your College Major

Selecting a college major doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, remember what mistakes to avoid. Then, consider your passions and your experience.

Once you do this, you can find the best major for your career path. Then, choose the best path for your college career!

If you’re unsure what career to choose, check out our other content today! We have news about several industries available that can make your choice easier.

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