5 Do’s and Don’ts That Will Help You to Create an Impressive Essay

An essay is a write-up written by people where they provide their point of view about a particular topic. It is an essential part of any university student, as this helps them to put their ideas and creativity onto paper. So, writing becomes a crucial part in to gain a degree. Writing a good essay includes analyzing, researching and exploring resources. However, sometimes students struggle to write for various reasons like language problems, poor writing skills etc. So students take help from essay helpers to avoid all the burden.

As you all know, Australia is an education hub that attracts many students, but what makes their life difficult is language. And that’s why it becomes tough to write an essay, it can get easy if you know some points that you should add and avoid. So, there are some dos and don’ts that need to keep in mind.

Some Do’s and Dont’s to Follow for Writing an Impressive Essay

For most students writing an essay is necessary, as it is the only way for professors to evaluate their knowledge and learning. So searching to write my essay becomes obvious for scholars. Also, for writing any paper, students need to have good writing skills. However, it becomes daunting sometimes to fulfil all the requirements. Learning how to write an essay is not only about understanding what to do, but one should also know what to avoid. So if you want to know these things, let’s dig into the article.


Use Transition between Paragraphs: The transition is important for paragraph because this helps readers to move from one part to another. It serves various purposes and understanding of how they function within long sentences that link paragraphs. The first and most important thing that transition perform is connecting two ideas. Students need to know that an essay should be smooth and lead the audience to move from one point to another. It is the reason why one should use transition, which can help the audience link each idea with the previous. For example, to serve as bridges between two lines, one can use; regarding this, as you know etc. Transitioning helps readers to understand the context and how they relate with each other. Also, the transition should prepare for new information.

Use Examples: Not many of you have ever thought about the importance of an example, right? It helps you in proving your point in a proper and informed way. There are various ways to add examples in an essay as quotes, statistics or other data. The best method to put this in the paper is to talk about specific ideas rather than talking about broad generalisation. Also, when stating an example, make sure to write how it connects to your point. So try to use it multiple times, as this makes the argument stronger. For every point, try to use two or three examples for backup. It enhances readers’ understanding of your point and shows that you have researched correctly.

Discuss Literature in Present Tense: When you write any essay, it is advised to use the present tense, as it creates the story more engaging. In writing about literature or any art, one needs to suppose that they are discussing it in the present. When you use the present tense, it connects readers immediately. In the present tense, the writers are there and provide a step-by-step solution as they change context. While writing this way audience can feel that they are experiencing story action as it is happening. It helps to bring readers closer to the essay by allowing them to experience it in the present time. So next time you write an essay or paper, try to use present tense context. This will make your paper more readable and help your reader to connect with the content.

Use Advanced Vocabulary: The main aim of writing an essay is not to show your knowledge but to reveal how effectively you choose words. The choice of vocabulary is a critical criterion for writing an impressive paper. Hence, when you write, try to use various kinds of synonyms and expressions but do not repeat similar words. Having a comprehensive vocab allow writers to think outside the box. Their mind will not revolve around limited words, so they will use their brain to create good ideas and concepts. If students want to improve their vocabulary, they should read as much as possible, talk to people with different interests or watch shows. By doing all this, you can gain knowledge, use various words and add that to your vocabulary. So this is very useful for writing a good essay.

Choose Correct Language: The language which is used in writing any paper or essay shows the writer’s ability to research and how effectively they have analysed the topic. So to prove your opinion or explain any points clearly, it is necessary to choose the correct language. This also indicates language proficiency level and knowledge of grammar. Also, it is necessary to use appropriate language in an essay because this is a professional paper. Your ideas and thoughts can be complex, but the language should be simple that is understandable. Using correct language helps your audience to read and understand the information effectively. For this, connect with your audience, try to know what language is best for them and work accordingly.


Don’t Forget Formatting Requirements: To write a good essay style and formatting is not the only thing, but it creates a first impression of the paper. Any university provides the font, layout or spacing requirements. So it is essential to follow all the rules to fulfil all the needs. If you are not sure about the formatting requirements, you can ask your professors about that. When students do the formatting, it shows consistency, and it works if they want to score well. When students follow a proper format, this shows they are capable of following instructions. When a format is not followed rightly, readers lose interest, so try to use the correct format in your writing.

Don’t Write Long Sentences: Think as a reader about how complicated it is to understand long sentences because it confuses people. Writing complex ideas does not require lengthy sentences, and you can make them short and effective. Writing long paragraphs indicates an inability to convey information, and most students do this. A good idea can be conveyed in a short sentence that can be stick to the reader’s mind. When there is too much use of words, it shows that the writer is not sure about they want to say. There is a high chance of making mistakes in long and wordy sentences. So it is better to break your ideas and make them short, as these are expressed better and clearly when it is brief. Also, you all know the importance of revision, which becomes tough in long sentences.

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Don’t Write Too Much Information: Even though you must have heard multiple times that creating a detailed and meaningful essay is necessary, it does not mean providing unnecessary information. The main aim is to write a paper that provides information in a limited way so that it does not become tedious. To avoid this, choose a significant topic to write about so that you can analyse it before submission. If you want to avoid this, research and collect the only essential points. Also, add information that makes sense and is convenient for readers. Read your paper from their perspective. Before the final submission of your work, try to exclude unnecessary facts.

Don’t Forget to Proofread: It is common for students to make mistakes like grammar, typos or spelling that make your paper look unprofessional. Also, this can make a document look dull and uninteresting and hamper its image. So one should always go through the document once it is finished. Proofreading is a chance to avoid all the mistakes and make your paper flawless. When you are done writing your essay, re-read it various times, this will help you to find even minor mistakes. If there is an error in the paper, it affects the readability of the paper. There are various software available that help you to find mistakes, which can be beneficial. Even any friend or family member can help you find errors in the paper. 

Don’t Plagiarise: In students, it is common to copy information available online, as this makes their work easy. They do so for various reasons like time issues, poor knowledge of the subject etc. There are multiple reasons why scholars should avoid plagiarism;

1. First, you cannot always rely on it.

2. It will affect your learning

3. You will lose learning skills.

So these are a few reasons for avoiding plagiarism, as this can affect grades. 

In this article, you have seen some of the dos and dont that you need to hold while writing an essay. In college, most students get stuck in writing essays and look for write my essay services for various reasons. So this is the easiest way to resolve this issue, as it makes scholars stress less, and helps them to submit their tasks on time.

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