7 Tips for Moving Furniture

Whether you’re moving your furniture from one house to another or just trying to relocate it to a new home, there are a few things you can do to make the process go smoothly. These 30 tips for moving furniture will help you make the process as easy as possible.

Disassemble furniture

Whether you’re moving in a new home or across town, disassembling furniture before a move can be helpful. It will help you avoid damage during a move.

When disassembling furniture, you’ll need a variety of tools and closable plastic bags. Label all the pieces to ensure they get to their proper places. You’ll also want to label the smallest furniture parts. For example, you might want to place a label on the drawers of a dresser, or the screws and bolts of a kitchen cabinet.

Use a shoulder dolly

Using a shoulder dolly for moving furniture is a great way to keep your back and arms from being strained during a long and hard move. It can also make the entire process more enjoyable. The shoulder dolly makes use of two shoulder harnesses to support and distribute the weight of a heavy object.

Shoulder dollies are a great alternative to hand trucks or wheeled moving platforms. They are safe to use and will not damage floors or walls. They also encourage safe lifting techniques.

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Protect furniture with moving blankets

Using moving blankets is a great way to protect your furniture during a move. They will provide extra padding to protect your items and keep them safe from scratches and dents. They can also be used to protect appliances and door frames.

Moving blankets are made of thick, rug-like fabric. They come in various sizes. You should choose a blanket that will protect the item you want to protect. If the item is large, you may want to purchase two blankets.

Hook larger chairs around corners to make moving them easier

Getting a bigger chair around a tight corner is a real pain in the neck. Luckily there are some tricks of the trade that will make your life much easier. One of the most important things to do is to remove any wall hangings, lamps, pictures, or other decorative items before you begin. Once you are done, it is time to tackle the rest of the process.

One of the most important steps in moving a heavy piece of furniture is to position it on its side. This will help you avoid bending your back or worse yet, knocking it over.

Lift heavy furniture with your legs

Using your legs to move heavy furniture around may seem like a no brainer, but if you have not practiced it before, it could be a real drag. There are a number of factors to consider when lifting a heavy object, from measuring the appropriate heights to using the right techniques to avoid injury. A professional mover can show you how to do it right. If you are looking for a good pair of movers and shakers, try your luck at one of the many moving companies in your area.

Avoid pushing

Trying to pull a heavy piece of furniture across a floor is a daunting task. To make the task less so, you can consider using gliders, an old rug, or even a sheet to move your heavy items. You might even want to consider a brace to reduce the force you exert on the furniture. This is not a new idea; in fact, there is a long list of home improvement stores that offer them.

Moving heavy items across a floor can be a chore, and can even be a safety hazard. If you are moving furniture, make sure you are moving with the help of a partner, or use a buddy to help you carry heavier items.

Move through tight openings

Getting a couch or a large piece of furniture into a tight opening can be a real challenge. When you are moving, it is a good idea to take the time to measure and consider the space you have. You may have to improvise a little, but that is the best way to avoid doorway jams.

The most difficult openings are hallways, apartment doors and stairwells. You may have to flip, tilt, or twist a piece of furniture to get it through. In order to make sure you have enough room, you should consider the height and width of the doorway, as well as the railings.

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