8 Reasons To Drop Everything Move To Michigan City

Michigan city is finally starting to thaw out after a freakishly chilly start to spring. And that change in temps suddenly opens up a new world of possibilities. For example, have you ever just wanted to pack your bags and move someplace new and exciting ASAP?

We know we get that itch now and then. So it got us to thinking…if pesky things like the climate weren’t in the picture, where would we love to move to in the Great Lakes Michigan city State? That’s when we settled on Marquette. Some may say, hey, why Marquette? Well, let’s count how this UP town of about 20,000 is the ideal place. The cost of living is about 10 percent lower than the national average, and it’s home to Northern Michigan University – making this place suitable whether you’re headed toward retirement and need to stretch those dollars, or you’re a young co-ed looking for a fun place to pursue your undergraduate degree.

Michigan city
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Undergraduate Degree

On top of those very practical clues about Marquette, Michigan city, we’ve got eight other more specific reasons why you should call this Upper Peninsula city home.

Outdoor Attractions

We’re kind of spoiled here in Michigan when it comes to outdoor attractions. We’ve got access to countless beaches, remote forests, lakes, and even mountains (ahem, Porkies).

The thing is, you can’t always have a bunch of those amenities in one place, or if you do, you’re so far removed from “civilization” that it’s somewhat inconvenient if you need to run to the market for more rations. Well, one place you’ll find it all is Beaver Island

Michigan city

Michigan’s Best Kept Secret

We love our small villages in Michigan. They are rich in history, have that everyone-knows-your-name charm, and are really fun to visit when we want to get away from the big city.

But just which small town takes the cake for the best-kept secret? That’s certainly a question that’s up for debate, but there’s one thing for sure: Michigan city is home to many awesome little secrets tucked away in all corners of the Mitten.

Port Austin, the tiny lakeside Thumb town of about 650, definitely fits into that category. Next time you’re considering unearthing a hidden gem in the state, here are seven reasons why Port Austin should be on your list.

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