A Look at Some of the Most Important Hip-Hop News and Videos

WorldStarHipHop has quickly become the premier hip-hop news and entertainment source. From Ferguson videos to Black Lives Matter rallies, it has become a go-to site for breaking news and music video debuts. Here’s a look at some of the site’s most important posts and videos. The WorldStarHipHop team is dedicated to giving hip-hop fans the best content possible. Here’s a look at what makes WorldStarHipHop such a great source of information.

Stack Bundles

Stack Bundles, formerly known as MC Stack, was murdered by a gang in Queens on June 11. Known as a true MC, he had the potential to become the King of New York. He began his career as a member of the Jim Jones’ Byrd Gang and was later a leader of the Riot Squad, a crew which included Chinx Drugz.

Kat Stacks

WorldStarHipHop’s management team recently split with aspiring rap star Kat Stacks, who was incarcerated in the United States for being an illegal immigrant. Stacks is currently in an immigration detention center in Louisiana. She speaks on the reasons behind her split with WorldStar. Stacks talks about her relationship with WorldStar CEO Q while she was in prison and the alleged secrets that were told to her after she got out. She also talks about how she made WorldStar a household name with her videos and the infamous tattoo of WorldStar’s CEO Q on her body.

Kat Stacks was born in Venezuela and became famous when she started appearing in rap videos on YouTube. Her “exposes” of rappers earned her the nickname of “Kat Stacks” in the hip hop community. While she may not be a professional rapper, she has always been known for her disses and she is considering rapping. Kat Stacks has always been a great writer, and her disses and “exposes” of rappers earned her a lot of cash.

Q O’Denat

Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat founded WorldStarHipHop in 2005, and later expanded it to include videos. In 2010, his death was reported by TMZ. The phrase “WorldStar” became a catchphrase for any moment that needed to be captured on video. The site was a sensation when it launched, and many people were quick to follow. But it’s unclear what led to his death, and whether his death is related to the site’s success or his demise.

Although its future remains uncertain, WorldstarHipHop has been influential in the viral landscape, especially among black users. O’Denat, a Haitian, grew up in New York City with a single mother. His love of computers and his job at Circuit City encouraged his interest in computers. He later sold mixtapes by Queens rapper 50 Cent. A biography of O’Denat was planned, as was a biopic.

Shovel fight video

A viral video has swept the internet. This Worldstar Hiphop Shovel fight video has been viewed more than two million times. The video was filmed just for internet fame, and has already gone viral. Although it may be fun to watch, it could have a negative impact on the community. It could also lead kids to believe that fame and entertainment are synonymous with a lack of consequence. That can lead to a culture of violence and abuse.

The video shows two girls getting into a shovel fight. The girls exchange punches, slaps, kicks, and taunts. They take breaks, then resume the fight. The two girls go head to head a few times before one girl throws the shovel into the other girl’s face. While one girl was able to walk away unscathed, the other was charged with disorderly conduct.

Violence on WorldStarHipHop

While the violence on World Star Hip Hop is a blight on hip hop culture, the show is democratizing the space. The violence that is featured on the show is not necessarily physical, but rather psychological. It focuses on exploiting pain. Amateur cameramen are often heard shouting, “World Star!” during violent altercations. The video is circulating online, and has gone viral. Thankfully, the violence is not widespread, but it should be addressed.

While many young people may be repelled by WorldStar’s violent content, the videos are not without their own message. Many videos on the website depict unflattering images of black people, and the videos are not uncommon. This is a major issue in Chicago. In 2013, the city recorded 412 homicides, a decrease from the 597 recorded in 2012.

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