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About Beas River

Beas are one of the most popular rivers in the Himalayas. Probably because it flows in many beautiful places – some of which have been developed into tourist attractions, such as Manali.

You can also check out our article on the list of all beginners or an easy trip to Himachal Pradesh if you have already completed the Beas Kund Trek.

The river is believed to have been named after Rishi Ved Vyas. It passes through Himachal Pradesh and Punjab before meeting the Sutlej River in Harike (Punjab). The bean takes water from many Himalayan canals during its course and grows a large body with a drainage vessel of 20,303 sq km, and a length of 470 km.

It feeds several towns and villages that fall close to their territory. Some people believe that crossing the Beas was a major obstacle to Alexander’s invasion of India. Getting to the source of such an important river is fascinating.

What makes this whole trip so attractive is its dream destination. The trek to the Beas Kund is still interspersed with large and beautiful valleys teeming with plants and wildlife of all kinds. From exotic medicinal plants to exotic mushrooms, you will see only amazing plants within a few miles of a trip, if you keep an eye out.


Beas Kund is located at an altitude of 12,140 ft. Above sea level in the Kullu Valley. Grasslands and the snow capped Pir Panjal range cover the icy lake. The journey starts in Dhundi (21km from Manali) or Solang Valley, about 13 kilometers from Manali. The road to Dhundi is moving, so you can choose to drive until you get there and start climbing.

Why the Beas Kund Trek?

It is one of the simplest / shortest tours around the Manali that shows you the panoramic view of the Pir Panjal range.

A beginner level trip that brings you closer to glaciers, glistening lakes, and steep peaks.

Following the river at its source is fun as it allows you to tread in unfamiliar areas.

Great time to visit Beas Kund

May is the time when the snow melts enough to clear the trail but leave snow-covered trails to trample.

From mid-May to July-the end is a good time to go on a Beas Kund tour.

You should avoid August and the early days of September when a strong monsoon hits these parts of the Himalayas.

Mid-September to October-late is cold here but it is still a good time to charge this course before winter begins. The pioneers also tried this in winter, when a few feet of snow covered the ground. However, that is not advisable for beginner riders as the obstacles become more difficult at the moment.

Travel Time

It is a two- to three-day trip and can be done comfortably during the long weekend. Some pedestrians do it in one day (from Dhundi to Dhundi). It depends on how much you choose to travel during the day and whether you like to travel slowly while enjoying the surroundings. If time is of the essence and you are a good traveler, it can happen in a day.

Bakar Thach at Beas Kund

Final stretch rises from 8,500 ft to 12,140 ft, approximately 4kms.

We started the next morning as the streams are often full of sunshine and we want to spend more time at the lake. After Bakarthach, the hill begins to climb and is filled with large boulders. You would climb a cliff and cross a rocky outcrop to reach the other side of the river. This stretch reaches a climax, which descends into the Beas Kund Valley.

The valley is a flat plateau with numerous streams flowing through it and refreshing waterfalls flowing down from the glacier. Now, this is a point where the trail is not well separated, and you will have lost the other way. Our guide pointed to a waterfall that we had to follow to get to the lake. The climb a few meters takes you to the place where you get the first view of the lake, and it is magical.

Useful Beas Kund Trek Tips

Choose an expert – Some hotels or directors may tell you to take a day trip. But it is very enjoyable and does not tire out if done in two or three days. And that’s your whole point, isn’t it?

You can stay in Solang or Dhundi (camp) for the night before starting your journey. The Iceland hotel in Solang offers a comfortable accommodation with warm wooden rooms, hot water, a room heater, and a beautiful view of the valley. The hotel also offers Dhundi camps where you can choose to stay or relax during the trip.

Carry reusable water bottles as you will encounter many mountain streams to fill.

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