Benefits Of The Train And Hire Model

An employee is the building block of any agency or corporation. A well-trained and work-oriented-educated employee is the stairway to excellence for any organization. Thus, hiring the right employees for your business is very important. In order to enrich the client experience, it is of utmost significance to train your employee well. Earlier, many companies hired their working personnel and then trained them. This method has now been replaced by a more effective one that is widely used by HR nowadays and that is- The train and Hire Model. In this, the prospective employees already undergo the required training before being hired by the firm after an assessment. It is beneficial to not only the candidates but also the corporate sector at large. 

This train-and-hire model has numerous benefits and a few of them are listed below :

1. Skill-building of Candidates

It’s an unfortunate but obvious reality that universities don’t train their students with the skills they would require for building a suitable career. When these students opt for various career options, they do it based on their type of degree and interests. When such candidates get hired, they often feel clueless during their initial days of work. To avoid all this clutter, the train-and-hire model can greatly help. They receive very effective training from professionals in the field as well as an early opportunity to work and learn with hi-tech technologies. This further enhances and diversifies their career opportunities.

2. Boosts Workforce Productivity

The train-and-hire model brings major benefits to corporates who get well-trained employees from day 1 day due to their prior training experience. This way, these fresh employees can contribute very effectively to the company from the beginning itself, thus leading to a major boost in the company’s productivity. This is the reason that before introducing certain training programs, training institutions frequently collaborate closely with companies. This aims to make job seekers employable and, hence, billable right from their first day at work. This strategy helps the corporates hire employees with improved alignment with corporate culture and its ethics. 

3. Helps the Companies Scrutinize the Candidates 

The training prior to hiring enables the employer to scrutinize the performance of their potential clients and hire them on this basis. This helps the corporates in finding out the efficiency of the employees as well as their strengths. This can further help these corporates in placing the right employee with the right skill in the right place. It also helps the candidates in realizing their potential and giving their best to their company. 

In order to keep themselves abreast with the change in the recruiting model happening across the world, it is important for the entire corporate sector to gradually turn towards this hire train deploy model. This would ensure a better work environment with increased productivity and enhanced employee input, leading to better work output. Hire and Train Model is inevitably one of the best methods of recruitment and this trend of recruitment is here to stay for a long and change the corporate recruitment game.

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