Benefits of using an IDEX printer

The upgrades that are taking place in the 3D printing industry have led to the emergence of the IDEX 3D printer, which has got two extruders. The presence of these two extruders is a major reason why most people are opting to buy the IDEX 3D printer because their nozzles move independently, allowing you to print two different parts at the same time. Moreover, being able to produce different parts at the same time is one way of making it possible for you to maximize production. There are quite a number of advantages of using the best IDEX 3D printer, and some of them are discussed below.

Advantages of using the IDEX 3D printer

  1. It’s possible to print using different materials

Individuals are finding it better to use the best IDEX 3D printer because it has got two nozzles with different temperature levels, something that will allow you to 3D print using different types of printing materials reliably into the same model. You can easily set different temperatures according to the printing material and still be able to produce the best results since the materials are heated and cooled differently. Being able to print with multiple materials gives you the opportunity to print using the materials of your choice and achieve the desired goals.

  • Ability to produce multi-color prints

The ability to be able to use different colors to produce prints is yet another reason why the IDEX 3D printers are being considered. Oozing is a major problem when you are using a dual extrusion by placing the two nozzles in a single print head, but this is not the case when it comes to using the best IDEX 3D printer. The printing heads of IDEX printers are independent, with each having its own nozzle and filament. When you’re actively printing with one nozzle, the inactive one moves in the other direction so that any spills from the filament of the active head do not stick on the object.

  • Twice as fast with sync and mirror mode

Another greater advantage of having the best IDEX 3D printer is that you can simultaneously print out two identical parts at the same time. With a faster speed, the production level of the IDEX printer as well doubles, making it even more effective. Also, it contains software that copies the selected parts automatically, ensuring that production is increased and no hassles. Its mirror mode feature equally allows you to symmetrically print the mold parts. Further, its copy mode allows you to print two identical objects at the same time, making it widely considered for batch printing, enthusiasts, and empowering studios.

  • It is more efficient

Investing in buying an IDEX 3D printer is considered to be cost-effective compared to buying separate printers to perform the same task. Also, the presence of two nozzles enables you to make prints within the shortest time possible. Moreover, the IDEX 3D printer occupies less space, which is a major aim for most individuals as it reduces labor and maintenance costs. 

Additionally, IDEX 3D printers have got a vibration compensation technology to help reduce the vibrations that are caused by the high-speed movement of about 350 mm/s, enabling you to make prints of great quality. They have got a dissolvable support feature to soak the dissolvable materials ensuring that you get a smooth surface and excellent dimensional accuracy, especially when you are dealing with objects that are hollow and with complex geometry. Since the two extruders of the IDEX printers operate independently, there is no cross-contamination. Furthermore, the use of hydrosoluble supports enables you to print even complex pieces Read more

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