8 Best Hi Tea Restaurants in Lahore

Nowadays High Tea Service is very popular all over the world. It is a wonderful combination of food and drinks served at the same time of the day. Hi-Tea is a concept of having tea in Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore that serve good food, have a pleasant atmosphere and it can be a good alternative to afternoon tea. One of the most beautiful ways to spend a day is to have a tea session with a friend, family or loved one.

High tea is a must-have in every city, and finding the right high tea place to entertain your family or friends has become a challenge. Fortunately, is here to assist you. We have rated and selected the best restaurants in large areas of Lahore to sit down and enjoy a relaxed cup of tea with some tasty food.

Looking for the best places in Lahore to enjoy your hi tea in a pleasant atmosphere with excellent service, while saving money. A wide variety is discussed below to choose from!

We have drawn up a list with reviews about the best and tophigh tea restaurants in Lahore. So you can make a well-considered decision before you go to a Hi-Tea restaurant.

Where to find the best High Tea Buffet in Lahore

If you like a high tea with your friends, but have no idea where to go, then this website is for you. There are some places where you can have a high tea while you stay within your budget!

We have put together a list of the best restaurants that offer high tea in Lahore.

1. Spice Bazaar

The first thing that comes to mind at the moment is what is so special in Spice Bazaar Hi-Tea that it is ranked at number 1? So this position is not only given by recording some good restaurants. It took me many days to find out which place offers the best hi tea in Lahore. The point remains that hi -tea is fun for people around Pakistan, but what makes Spice Bazaar unique is how it absorbs local flavors in the already wonderful menu. Who says the Pakistani dishes cannot be had next to tea?

After conducting extensive study and soliciting feedback from many sources, I have concluded that Spice Bazaar is the finest restaurant in Lahore for Hi Tea. It reaches this “best restaurant title” because of its delicious taste of food, its incredible service, the location in Gulberg & Dha with a quiet and breathtaking environment.

2. Freddy’s cafe

It is the first restaurant in Lahore that the Hi -theTradition starts. Here is the Hi-Tea combination of restaurants and cafés in a single place with a variety of tasty food. The natural aesthetic type of appearance appeals to most people who go there and the healthy atmosphere contributes to its beauty. This café is known for distracting the moods of people in a good way while having coffee or tea with yourself or with someone else.

So having a hi tea in Freddy Cafe will certainly give you a different experience to relax with the tasteful foods who always win the hearts of food lovers. If you want a Hi-Tea in a cafe, then Freddy’s Cafe is the best of all cafés. Don’t worry to give Freddys Cafe the opportunity to entertain you, because you will not regret it at all.

3. English teahouse

Enjoy an Hi-Tea in an English restaurant that is also famous for serving tea, gives you a different experience with Hi-Tea. English Tea House stands out as a great option for you and your friends or family to visit and take some valuable free time from the hustle and bustle of daily life in Lahore. It is an excellent place where you can have classic English high tea, together with Lahori Delicious Foods – which makes it much more worthwhile!

For some people, enjoying tea in one of the many available Chai Khana from Pakistan is perfect. But the most interesting thing to have a hi tea in an English tea house is that it is for two people, served at the desired table. The items in the menu are perfect for two people in 1695 +tax with the environment and food that you will never forget. It is served in a three-piece Afternoon Tea dish with a pot of tea or coffee.

4. La-Atrium Restaurant

If you want a lunch buffet and also want the taste of hi tea, then Lunch Cum Hi-Tea from La Atrium is the best for you. One thing that everyone needs in his life is a refuge, a place where they need a break or a chance to just breathe … It doesn’t even matter if you just want to enjoy a cup while reading Your favorite book, or you ‘long for something exotic as mentioned in the La Atrium Restaurant -menu.

For those who don’t know, La Atrium is famous for great buffets, including Hi-Tea, lunch and dinner buffets. They serve great Pakistani dishes with various other items. Everything they cook there tastes great. I recommend their desserts the most in case you are a sweet tooth.

5. Arcadian Cafe

If you want to enjoy Hi-Tea with good service and a royal environment, then this beautiful Arcadian Cafe is a better choice. But the most important thing that you have to know before you go to this cafe is that Arcadian Cafe has many branches in Lahore, but hello tea is only served in the packages shopping center. They have different foods to ensure that everyone can find what they are looking for.

The decor and furniture of the Arcadian Cafe have been chosen to offer maximum comfort and to improve your eating experience. You get the freshest food made with the hands of talented chef chefs. While enjoying hi tea, you and your family and friends are well cared for by their service person team.

6. Chandni Chowk

If you are looking for an informal location that offers hi -tea with a Desi Touch, then Chandni Chowk Restaurant is a consideration. It is one of the oldest family restaurants in Lahore. This restaurant is designed as an open kitchen to make the place to eat as at home and handy. Everyone can look in the kitchen and see the food are prepared. To make your hi tea unforgettable, they offer attentive service with different foods to choose from.

The best part of Chandni Chowk Hi Tea is that they not only offer hello tea, but it is lunch cum hi tea (lunch buffet+ hi tea buffet). They received 85 + dishes on their menu. You will experience a diverse range of dishes from all over the country to taste the food of different regions, especially Indian eating at the Chandni Chowk. If you want a lunch buffet and hi -tea buffet, Chandi Chowk is one of the best hi tea in Lahore.

7. Salt’n Pepper Village

Salt n Pepper does his best in reviving the lost Pakistan culture by offering in a unique way of “live buffet”, where the majority of Hi tea food is cooked for you. It makes this restaurant an excellent choice with the seductive flavors of Pakistani dishes. You will also feel the touch of some old culture recipes in their Hi-Tea. This restaurant was made with the rich heritage and the culture of Punjab in mind. It is one of the most original and revolutionary theme restaurants from Pakistan. The Hi-Tea is one of the best if you can pay for it.

In Lahore, Pakistan, the first Salt’n Pepper Village Restaurant opened in 1992. Since its start, the restaurant Salt’n Pepper Village in Lahore has stayed in the restaurant’s eating experience. It is really a work of art and a milestone in the field. It has received international recognition and regularly attracts a large number of dignitaries, celebrities, and gourmets. Many famous people have dinner in this restaurant, including Lady Diana, Benazir Bhutto, and Premier Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

8. Bean N Grain

When it comes to dessert and bakery products, Beanngrain brings you a different taste experience. The main reason, I mentioned Bean N Grain here is because of the wide list of items in just under 1000 rupees. It can yield a bit because of taxes, but you will not regret spending a number of money on the cheapest hi tea in Bean n Grain Cafe & Bakers.

You can have a great Hi -tea experience with remarkable service, the desired quality, and good hygiene for only under 1000 rupees. One thing that I like about this cafe is the taste that is affordable for every person. So if you want to go with your family or friends and don’t have enough money to have a Hi-Tea, then it’s for you.

Last thoughts

I did deep research and approached many people before I have arranged these restaurants for hi tea. These restaurants are not only based on my analysis, but also many people. So you don’t have to worry about tasting one of these restaurants mentioned for Hi Tea. I hope you like my article about the best Hi tea in Lahore. Click here to see the Best Breakfast Places in Lahore.

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