Best Internships for Chartered Accountancy Students

For CA students to become certified professionals, an internship is necessary. In the CA world, articleship and internship are used interchangeably at times. However, the basic meaning of an internship for CA students is to gather exposure and experience. As per the ICAI, an articleship period of three years is mandatory for a student to get certified as a professional. Without a three-year articleship, the CA course will remain void. Therefore, an internship for CA is crucial, and one should consider multiple factors before applying. Since the internship period decides a CA student’s career prospects, it must be taken seriously. Read on to know how CA students can choose the best internship to build their careers.

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Choosing the best CA internships

CA students join CA companies/firms to complete their internship period. Joining a CA firm for an internship is a significant decision. A CA student must consider several factors before choosing a CA firm for an internship. Only then can students choose the best CA internships. Factors to consider before picking a CA firm for internship are as follows:

Firm’s reputation

There are many small and big CA firms spread all across the country. If the internship period is completed in a big company, it augments the curriculum vitae of a student. In some cases, big CA firms offer permanent jobs to their interns for better results. It is because the interns have already worked in the company and are familiar with the company culture. However, students will have to choose a reputed CA firm that has been around for years.

Firm’s offerings

CA students want to learn as much as possible during the three-year internship period. Learning can be augmented when the CA firm is involved in many professional services. A certified CA should not only know about accounting practices. A CA also knows auditing, business advisory, due diligence, and other professional services. For the same reason, a CA firm that offers a wide range of professional services should be picked for an internship.

Transfer regulations

Sometimes, CA students find a better offer while working as an intern in a CA firm. They can only join the other CA firm when transferred from the previous one. Some CA firms may not allow transfers during articleship, and interns might be stuck. For the same reason, CA students should consider the transfer rules before picking a CA company for an internship.

Leave regulations

In continuation with the internship, CA students also have to clear the CA Final exam. For doing so, they might require preparation leaves from the CA firm. It can happen that a CA firm does not offer preparation leaves to interns. It is best to check for the leave guidelines before picking a CA firm for an internship.

CA students that want to know more about the industry practices can join AKM Global for an articleship. AKM Global offers many professional services to clients that offer good exposure to CA students. Also, they can get to know the work regime of a CA professional. Start your internship for CA and gain exposure! 

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