Why Do You Need A Skilled Development Team To Build A Gojek Clone Multi Services App?

The Gojek clone app has been making waves in the on demand service provider industry for a while now. People can book taxis of different kinds, order food or groceries, get their medicines delivered to them, send across parcels, hire personal shoppers and get access to expert service providers such as handymen, beauticians, doctors and more through a single application.

One download guarantees access to all the services that one needs. The best thing about the Gojek clone app is that it is not riddled with multiple in app downloads or log ins. Once you have the main app, you are free to register into it once in order to be able to start booking and hiring any kind of service that ranges upward of 82.

This app therefore has become extremely popular amongst users around the globe. However, if you thought the popularity was restricted only to the users think again. Just as a single app gives access to so many local service providers, the app has proven to be a miracle aid for market penetration for service providers as well

Not only does it allow service providers to digitize their business without having to invest in an individual app, it also makes sure that one service provider can offer multiple services through a single platform. For example, a taxi driver can also earn by making deliveries. A dog walker can also earn by offering services as a personal shopper and so on and so forth.


The Gojek clone app is the culmination of over 82 apps squished into one to make life easier for the users, the store owners and the service providers. Therefore, building it takes a certain degree of skill set and knowledge that is too much for an individual.

This is why; you will have to enlist the services of a holistic team of developers and designers in order to build a practical solution for the market. The Gojek clone app is not a single entity. It is a system that includes:

  1. The User app in Android
  2. The user app in iOS
  3. The Service Provider app in Android
  4. The Service Provider app in iOS
  5. The Store app in Android
  6. The Store app in iOS
  7. The website for information sharing and online booking without the app
  8. The admin panel using which the app owner can control the business

In order to achieve the functionality of the entire system you will have to hire assets with these skill sets.

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Resources Needed To Fabricate A Gojek Clone Multi Services App

a.            Android Developer: to construct the client, specialist co-op and the store application in Android

b.            iOS Developer: to construct the client, specialist organization and the store application in iOS

c.             PHP engineer: To assemble the site for data and electronic internet booking

d.            Content Writer: to outfit the application and the site with content relating to your business

e.            Systems Analyst

f.             Data Base Analyst

g.            Quality Analyst

h.            Business Analyst

i.              Project Manager

j.             Research Team

k.            Deployment Team

This whole group needs to sit together to fabricate an application that isn’t simply a senseless reproduction of a pre existing application yet a utilitarian and business suitable one.


This is where things get interesting. Finding a Gojek Clone application is totally basic. Everything you want to do is hit up a web search engine and search the words ‘Purchase Gojek Clone’ and you’ll end up swimming in choices. As the Gojek Clone Multi Services App business model acquired fame, engineers across the world began building their own applications.

The test is to find an application that is generally fit to your business purposes. The ideal method for doing this is to initially make a strategy for yourself. This will permit you to see what the specific necessary boundaries to maintain your business really are.

Then you can short list a couple of your most loved applications and take a live on street demo of it to conclude which one sounds good to you. Since the application is now in an instant state, it ought not to be challenging for your white label on request mobile application Development Company to set you up with a demo account, so you can test the application live on road by placing orders, accepting rides etc. across numerous gadgets working on different operating systems.

This is your chance to make it big with the Gojek clone app in the multi services business. Go for it!

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