Connecting Sales and Marketing

Connecting Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales teams share the same duties. Marketing departments are charged with creating awareness about the products and services they offer and also making leads for sales departments. It is typically done using several different digital marketing methods, from email marketing and content and social media, as well to PPC and SEO. For sales departments, the priority is to convert those leads into sales with a positive experience that makes customers return time and time. buy twitter followers

When the marketing and sales departments work together, the customer experience is improved significantly. The entire business also is benefited. In most cases, both marketing and sales teams are working on their own, focusing only on their individual goals and goals, utterly unaware of the speed they could achieve when the two departments worked together.

A study by Hubspot discovered that one out of four businesses would define their marketing and sales teams as “misaligned” or “rarely aligned.” When LinkedIn surveyed marketers and salespeople, they created a similarly lousy image. In a survey of marketing professionals across many different sectors, LinkedIn revealed that just 46% of marketers declare sales and marketing to be “highly aligned” at their company.

Benefits of Marketing and Sales

There are numerous benefits of the integration of marketing and sales. Automating crucial processes and concentrating on collaboration and shared goals will continuously improve the performance of both departments and help boost growth for the entire business. Here are some easy methods to bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams.

Automated data collection

Both sales and marketing departments are responsible for collecting information; however, if the data is measured differently or recorded in different formats, it’s much more difficult for the departments to share and gain insights from these data. buy twitter followers

It’s worth establishing common standards to report data for both departments and promoting transparency wherever feasible. However, automation makes it much simpler to track data reporting, leaving no space for errors. The data can then be collected in a manner that is beneficial to each department. buy twitter followers

Automate data collection for digital marketing and report-writing and use simple CRM systems to keep track of interactions between sales and customer teams. This means that there is no need for teams being required to enter essential data, making sure that the information is as precise and as helpful as it could be.

Facilitate teams to communicate information

Different departments are likely to have their own opinions regarding which analytical platforms are the most efficient and the best way to have their data processed and stored. This leaves companies vulnerable to a common trap in the absence of collaboration between departments and, eventually, the disappearance of crucial data. buy twitter followers

Set up your marketing and sales teams with tools that meet the requirements of both departments. Also, ensure that those responsible for each group can utilize these platforms to review the respective departments’ data. Instruct teams to communicate their results with each other and benefit from the different departments’ distinct capabilities to get the most of the analytical insights and projections.

Set common goals for marketing and sales

One of the most difficult challenges for businesses to conquer when they establish the goal of synchronizing marketing and sales teams revolves around dreams and the way they differ between both teams. buy twitter followers

Most often, the marketing and sales teams will have their unique objectives. They’ll measure their achievements by achieving these particular goals without much consideration for the goals other teams are striving towards.

However, this can result in measuring successes without considering the impact these accomplishments had on the company in general. There’s a possibility that the opportunities to build upon the achievements of specific teams through improved teamwork and shared knowledge could be missed. buy twitter followers uk

The benefits of better collaboration are evident if goals are more aligned across marketing and sales teams. It’s not a hard change to implement, as most of the metrics must be compiled to determine the success of both groups already existing. It’s simply a matter of changing the mentality of both departments and inducing teams to think about the idea that they’re working together to achieve an identical purpose.

Give teams space to discuss problems

The commonalities in the main goals of the sales and marketing teams may cause them to deal with similar issues occasionally. When teams work together, the problems they face are quickly transformed into opportunities. buy twitter followers

The marketing and sales departments should be brought together frequently to discuss common issues and work to find solutions. Pay attention to your sales process, focusing on any flaws within the sales funnel. Also, allow the teams to talk about any interactions that may not work as well as they could. Encourage both departments to discuss their expertise and experiences to help iron out these problems.

Although both teams may have worked on these issues separately, the solution may be much more apparent when they get the pieces of their puzzle together to incorporate the knowledge they have already acquired. buy twitter followers

When it involves connecting marketing and sales, it’s an issue of sink or sync. Nowadays, businesses must do more than create exceptional customer experiences, which isn’t possible without ensuring that the sales and marketing teams are in sync.

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