Demon Slayer – Shinobu Kochoa

Shinobu is the smallest member of the Demon Slayer Corps, but she displays a powerful thrusting strength. Her upward thrust attack breaks through ceilings. She can also pierce the neck and body of an Upper Rank Two, Doma. This makes her one of the most dangerous members of the Demon Slayer Corps. Her strength makes her a valuable weapon in a fight against larger opponents. Here’s a look at some of the most powerful techniques that make her a valuable addition to any team.

Insect Hashira

The Insect Hashira of Shinobu Kochoa is one of the most unique Breathing Styles used by Demon Slayers. It caters to the weaknesses and strengths of different types of insects. Shinobu has a unique breathing technique that uses wisteria poison. This makes her one of the most effective Demon Slayers. But she has one serious weakness. She has no superhuman strength. However, her unique Breathing Style and specialization make her just as dangerous as any other Demon Slayer.

Uncomplicated demeanor

Although the young Shinobu has a carefree demeanor, his past is filled with tragedy. After Kanae died at the hands of one of the twelve Demon Moons, he developed a hatred for demon-kind. This traumatic experience caused him to change his demeanor, becoming more positive and expressive. It also contributed to his rage. This is the reason for Shinobu’s infamous temper, which was originally fueled by jealousy and a desire to emulate his sister’s smile.

Powerful sword

Kuki Shinobu is the fourth-star sword user that was introduced in the 2.7 update of Genshin Impact. This class is not a support or DPS, but it has unique abilities that heal the party while dealing damage. The Kuki Shinobu’s stats are customizable and you can use Naku Weed to level up this class. Shinobu’s strong weapon is called the Kuki Sword.

Venomous attacks

Shinobu’s venomous attack is based on the wisteria plant. It has the power to melt Doma’s bones, and is approximately seven hundred times more potent than the average demon’s venom. The poison, however, is not lethal. Instead, the effects of the poison on Doma are mostly psychological, and he begins to feel uneasy about his own mortality.


One question that has been asked about Shinobu is her weight. She is very petite, so it’s possible that she’s a lighter weight than she looks. Moreover, her body weight has been heavily altered by wisteria poison. Combined with the help of Demon Doctor Tamayo, she absorbed a large amount of the poison. This poison merged with her internal organs and body cells, making her weight approximately thirty-seven kilograms. This amount of poison is seven hundred times stronger than that of the average Demon.


The height of Shinobu is not stated explicitly in the anime, but we can estimate it based on the creators’ discussions about the characters. Among the characters with short heights, we can note Tanjiro, who is five feet and one half inches (165.1 centimeters). Other notable characters with short heights are Inosuke Hashibira, who is six feet and eight centimeters (1778.8 cm) and Muzan Kibutsuji, who is intimidating at five feet and ten centimeters (1778.8 cm). It is possible that the heights of characters will change as the series progresses.


In demon slayer manga and anime, Shinobu has a distinctive hairstyle that is based on the character’s character design. It is a center-split bun with two chin-length locks of hair. She is also very petite, and has a pale complexion and dark pink lips. She has lime green eyes, which lack pupils. Shinobu’s hair is black with purple highlights and is styled in a yakai-maki bun with bangs.

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