Ear Cleaning Methods To Avoid

Many people regularly clean their ears. However, in reality, it’s not necessary. The ear’s wax production ears is a way to guard itself against foreign bodies such as sand dust and even insects. When we attempt to clean our ears, the methods we are doing more harm than benefit. In this case, we’ll look at several common techniques that are used extensively to cleanse our ears.

Common Ear Cleaning Methods

Cotton Swabs/ Buds

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The most well-known Indian design of ear cleaning isn’t very healthy overall. The reason for this is that the tips that are inserted inside the ear can be quite large in size, and they push the wax further down the canal. This leads to an increase in the amount of wax that will become more difficult to get rid of later on. It will then become affected and will need to get removed by an ENT physician. So, do not make use of a cotton swab to cleanse your ears.

Ear picks

They’re like small spoons that allow you to scrape out the earwax. They are put in the ear canal in order to scrape the earwax out. Although this procedure does not cause the earwax to slide further down, it does carry the possibility of harming your ear canal’s delicate structure. Additionally, these devices could easily collect bacteria, and if they are not cleaned properly, putting the device into your ear could be extremely dangerous.

Ear Drops

They come in a variety of forms, starting from traditional forms found in villages to ones that are found in medical stores. They use the wax in a different way. Although they’re capable of getting rid of ear wax, the procedure is different. Ear drops are known to dissolve the wax shrinking it and making it less brittle in order to let it be removed easily. But, if the dropper isn’t cleaned, it could cause infections. Additionally, the drops can increase the amount of humidity inside the ear canal, which can increase the chance of developing ear infections.


In order to get rid of the ear wax, you should visit a hearing clinic in Pune to get rid of the ear wax. They’ll do the procedure professionally for you. It’s safer as compared to other alternatives. If you wish to wash your ears in your own home, just wipe them clean with a damp cloth, and avoid inserting anything inside your ears. Don’t over-clean your ears as it could disrupt the natural cleansing process of your ear and cause dryness.

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