What are the erectile dysfunction symptoms and its treatment?

Regarding erectile dysfunction (ED), the challenge of achieving and sustaining an erection is among the significant erectile dysfunction symptoms. If you have erectile dysfunction, you won’t experience any additional symptoms. Erectile dysfunction may be due to several reasons. In most cases, ED can indicate a more severe problem. These concerns may be linked to developing sexual dysfunctions such as a lack of sexual desire or difficulty ejaculating and attaining orgasm.

Moreover, you won’t have a satisfying sexual experience as a couple. Additionally, erectile dysfunction treatment is possible with various medications, devices, and surgical treatments. Sexologist in Jaipur recommends erectile dysfunction therapy to individuals based on erectile dysfunction symptoms and other health conditions.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile dysfunction may be brought on by various medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and decreased testosterone levels.

Mental health problems like anxiety and stress may also be to blame. 

Erectile dysfunction may be physiological, emotional, or a combination of the above causes.

Some of the erectile dysfunction causes include:

  • Diseases or illnesses like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or atherosclerosis impair the nerve system or the blood vessels feeding the penis (hardening of the arteries).
  • Prostrate surgery or radiation therapy for cancer treatment
  • Some medications, including antidepressants and allergy medications.
  • Medication for addressing high blood pressure may bring erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Psychological reasons to blame for ED are:

  • Stress
  • Despair
  • Relationship issues
  • Performance anxiety

Erectile Dysfunction symptoms

Some of the erectile dysfunction symptoms include:

  • being capable of experiencing an erection occasionally, but not each moment you desire to have sex;
  • being capable of achieving an erection doesn’t last long enough for sex.
  • Inability of achieving an erection at any moment

ED is frequently an indication of another health condition or issue.

Numerous early signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Inability to get erection and sexually aroused amid sexual activity.
  • diminished sensitivity in the penis
  • diminished ejaculatory strength
  • erections that aren’t as hard as earlier
  • erections that are not as long-lasting as they once were
  • A sense of nervousness or despair regarding sexual performance.

Erectile Dysfunction Warning Signs

While serious, impotence isn’t a life-threatening illness on its own. Men don’t require sex to survive. However, erectile dysfunction symptoms may indicate significant health issues.

Reliable erections might not always indicate good health. However, a penis that fails to perform is an indication there is something wrong with your body and the functioning.

Cardiovascular Issue

Cardiovascular disease is far more likely to arise in men experiencing erectile dysfunction. Erections primarily depend on sufficient blood circulation to the penis. To develop an erection, blood vessels inside the penis must fill with blood. Moreover, many disorders that impact the blood arteries might disrupt the blood flow to the penis. Atherosclerosis (artery hardening) and high blood pressure (hypertension) may induce irregular circulation to the penis and impair a man’s ability to achieve an erection.

Low Testosterone levels

The male sex hormone testosterone is vital for erections and sex desire, in addition to good blood flow. Low testosterone levels are typical in men who have erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone levels may result from various factors, including issues with the pituitary gland, which governs the synthesis of the male hormone; thyroid anomalies; liver difficulties; and irregularities within the testicles themselves. If you can’t obtain a good erection, it’s conceivable that something is interfering with your body’s testosterone levels. If low testosterone is the sole reason for a person’s erectile dysfunction symptoms, testosterone replacement treatment may help.

Missed Signals

Erections, like other physical processes, rely on brain impulses that tell them when to begin and when to cease. Incapability to achieve an erection may occasionally be due to an issue with the nerves that convey the brain’s signals towards the penis. Diabetes, whether untreated or poorly controlled, may cause erectile dysfunction. Moreover, diabetes patients who do not monitor their blood sugar levels risk nerve damage (neuropathy). The neurons of the extremities, for instance, the feet and hands, are frequently damaged. However, the genitals might also suffer the impact.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Medical therapies and lifestyle modifications are among the different erectile dysfunction remedies. 

Oral medicine, injections, vacuum devices, and surgical techniques are some options for addressing erectile dysfunction symptoms. Furthermore, oral treatments include Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These medications increase blood flow to the genitals, allowing for a firm erection.

Injections include immediately injecting the medication into the penis. Vacuum devices are mechanical devices for achieving an erection. Additionally,  Surgery is the last resort for men not having a good response to oral medication or other ED treatment and therapies.

Let’s take a look at the most frequently adopted ED treatment alternatives.

Vacuum Pump for ED

You must acquire a specially developed gadget to utilize a vacuum pump for ED. You might get one at your drugstore or purchase one online. So, based on the reason and erectile dysfunction symptoms, your doctor will propose a model or advise you whether the vacuum pump is beneficial. After purchasing the gadget, you must understand the instructions clearly. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand the device working and what you should do to utilize it safely.

ED medication

If you’re searching for a medication to assist with erectile dysfunction, you have a lot of possibilities.

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra are among the most popular alternatives.

These are typically the most commonly used erectile dysfunction drugs for addressing the reasons for erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, these are PDE5 inhibitors helping to relax muscles and enhance blood circulation to the genitals.


This erectile dysfunction therapy employs a small needle to administer the medicine alprostadil (Caverject Edex) into the penis side or base.

Most of these drugs are bimix (if two medications are present) or trimix (if three medications.

Each injection administered induces an erection that lasts no longer than one hour. As the needle used is so small, the injection site’s pain or discomfort is usually minor.

The injection may cause bleeding, prolonged erections (priapism), and, in rare cases, fibrous tissue growth surrounding the injection site.


So these are erectile dysfunction symptoms and the viable treatment options. Always consult a before starting any ED treatment. Read more exciting article on

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