Everything You Need to Know About Pineapple Upside Down Cake Strain

You are here to read more about jungle cake strain; that’s no surprise, this hybrid gives a great high after all. It is a hybrid made by combining white fire #43 and wedding cake by seed junky genetics. The combination is potent and balanced, with small and dense nugs; its plant is tall and girthy. It is coated with frosty trichomes with red and orange colored pistols. Its consumption has resulted in people being talkative while making them feel a tinge of citrus aftertaste. 

This new strain has been circulating and sparking things up in small circles with laughs and giddiness. People have been taking it in solitude, too, to feel uplifted and relieve themselves of strain and chronic pain, which is to say it’s not the flavors that make this phenotype great. It is being persuaded for its psychoactive effect.

Cultivating Pineapple Cake Strain

To be blunt, it’s not easy to grow jungle cake. Its producers’ Seed junky are against the distribution of any kind. The only way to grow them is if you can get its clone.

It is not an indoor type to grow inside; your house has to be pretty big to house its length and manage it, so it’s better suited for outside growth. The next hurdle to growing it up is making sure all the buds get the light. It takes an extra effort to reach the optimum flower production. And lastly, the bane of every flower, mold, and mildew. Growers have to manage humidity levels. If all these things are in order, it will result in great yield taking about 8 to 10 weeks.

How does its kick feel

It starts slow, taking a few tokes before it starts to sink in. but the slow buildup only enchants the euphoria that follows; you’ll start to get a little tacky, things that you weren’t able to voice even in remote start to gush out but the effect of lightheartedness makes it all into a giggly atmosphere, gib=ving you a good time with it and others around. It has alluring physical effects, too; you feel lightweight, and the despondence starts to trickle away until you are left with a calm. This particular makes it so you can take it any time of the day.

Who should take it?

Newbies should stay away from this. It is high in THC, going for as much as 30%. Its high content makes it ideal for advanced users who are looking to experiment.

Indica rich or Sativa?

People pick their cannabis-based on it being Indica or Sativa intensive. There is a clear-cut reason for that: indica strains are natural sedatives, help relax the mind, and get rid of stress. Sativa strains elicit euphoria that gets rid of stress and uplifts the spirits.

Jungle cake is a 50/50 hybrid, letting you enjoy the benefits of both.


This new strain is great for recreational and medical purposes. Rejuvenating physical and mental conditions, curing fatigue, stress, and anxiety while also elevating your hunger. It’s a great strain for anyone who is in laws and wants to try to be uplift. If this has not filled your knowledge appetite, read more about pineapple upside down cake strain until you are full.

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