Finding Best Dentists Accepting Medicaid in the Industry

As the Affordable Care Act continues to expand coverage, competition among dentists has increased. Dentists accepting medicaid West Point MS, which provides health insurance to low-income individuals and families, covers an estimated 37 million Americans, depending on the state. Generally, Medicaid pays half the cost of commercial pediatric dental insurance, so more dentists are accepting Medicaid. According to the American Dental Association, as Medicaid rates rise, more dentists will participate. But how do you find the right dentist?

New York City

If you have health insurance, you can find a New York City dentist who accepts Medicaid. If you do not have a dental plan, you may find that your insurance company does not cover dental procedures. These services are not covered by traditional Medicare, but you can find coverage for them if you apply for Medicaid. In addition to accepting Medicaid, many dentists also accept most major credit cards and a variety of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) cards. If you cannot afford the full cost of a treatment, you can even arrange a payment plan with a third-party financing company.

Getting dental care can be a daunting task for people who rely on Medicaid. Medicaid plans differ in terms of what services are covered. While many dentists accept Medicaid, you may need to look for alternative plans for your particular needs. In some cases, you may need to use a sliding-scale dental clinic that accepts Medicaid. These facilities accept Medicaid patients because they understand that a family cannot afford to pay for a full-priced dental treatment otherwise.

Callen Lorde-Dental

In addition to accepting Medicaid, Callen Lorde-Dental also accepts credit cards. This clinic offers comprehensive oral exams and head and neck exams. In addition to offering a range of general dental services, Callen Lorde-Dental also coordinates care with patients’ primary care providers. Regardless of whether you have insurance or are uninsured, you can benefit from their sliding-scale fee structure.


As the official dentist of the Brooklyn Mets, Dr.Hubscher accepts Medicaid patients. In addition to being a highly skilled cosmetic and general dentist, he’s also the clinical coordinator of the Bronx Dental Center, and an advanced laser dentistry specialist. He also treats regular patients at his Brooklyn practice. He’s well-regarded for his gentle, painless surgeries and meticulous cosmetic procedures. His advanced surgical training and expertise allow him to perform procedures like sinus augmentation and bone grafting.

Dr. Imani

If you’re wondering whether Dr. Imani accepts Medicare or dentists accepting medicaid West Point MS, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Imani Vannoy, MD, is an internal medicine specialist in Marietta, GA. She completed her residency at Emory University Hospital and practices at Marietta Medical Group. This doctor accepts most major health insurance plans, but you should call ahead to verify coverage. Dr. Imani is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area and accepts most major ones.

Dr. Imani W. Gardner has been practicing dentistry in New York City for over 17 years. She is a member of the American Dental Association and is an attending physician at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. She accepts Medicaid and is an excellent choice for your dental care. Dr. Imani is bilingual – she speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese. Patients should ask about her availability and schedule, and be prepared to discuss the treatment they’d like to receive.

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