Five blessings of ceramic parquet flooring

The beauty of wood with the exceptional overall performance of porcelain ground tiles.

Adorning renovations tiles

Little should that first wooden parquet flooring in Dubai have imagined that embellished the Palace of Versailles at the cease of the seventeenth century that it’d be exceeded in energy and durability without dropping its elegance? Via reinterpreting its natural grain, the ceramic parquet has arrived to fill various spaces using innovative materials, including porcelain or designs inspired by handmade marquetry. With four flexible Roca collections in the heritage, we present up to 5 blessings from ceramic ground tiles over wooden, inviting you to awaken the purest nature without renouncing the maximum beauty and hardness.

Herbal elegance 

Because it could not be otherwise, ceramic floors inspired via wood need to reproduce the irregularity of its grain flawlessly and the warmth of its features, no longer handiest. At the same time, it emulates the untreated material but additionally when represents detailed carpentry work. Through experimenting with colors and sun shades, the ceramic parquet vinyl flooring dubai pay tribute to the most fashionable woods, imbuing itself with its traditional elegance and unmistakable naturalness. 

Resistance and durability 

Which will improve the performance of herbal wood. The ceramic floors are strengthened with substances inclusive of porcelain. While scratches and stains are noticeable in wooden, ceramic composites are incredibly proof against wear and effect, making them an excellent preference for outdoor flooring or high visitors regions. As they fight daylight or humidity, porcelain flooring keeps its unique appearance and color intact. And because they lack pores, they no longer simplest soak up less water; however, they also save you the buildup of dirt.


Currently, lavatory or kitchen tiles inspired by wood may be used as floor or wall tiles, allowing harmonious compositions that might be included in every area. On the way to acquire this unified fashion, the ceramic parquet collections encompass portions inclusive of steps and skirting, which are the perfect complement to the rest room, kitchen, or even living room floors. By using looking the splendor of unique creations, they innovate with tiles of different sizes and designs to surprise with colors and styles that reflect the maximum intricate craftsmanship. 

Maximum safety as rest room floor

While we pick the ground tiles of critical areas such as the toilet or kitchen, we look for the peace of mind supplied by using capabilities like the anti-slip property. In comparison to the restrained finishes provided via wooden, ceramic parquet may be strengthened with new materials and textures to make sure maximum safety through carpets in Dubai in moist or exceptionally transited areas. As a result, ceramic tiles can end up a good option for the kitchen or bathroom floor however additionally even to shape authentic shower trays.

Clean protection and cleaning 

Ceramic flooring can imitate wooden now, not most effective in enhancing its design and resistance but also avoiding its complex upkeep. So that it will be stored in the best circumstance, ceramic parquet does now not require waxing or sharpening. Use water and the same old cleansing merchandise to stay as new. The most abrasive merchandise additionally attain exact consequences, as they do not harm the tiles.Read also:Home improvement write for us

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