Flymachine, a Virtual Venue For Live Music Performances, Rakes in $21 Million in New Funding

Flymachine, a digital event platform, recently raised $21 million in a new round of funding. The investment was led by Greycroft Partners and SignalFire and will be used to expand the company’s team and improve its platform. Other investors in the round include Silicon Valley Bank, Red Sea Ventures, Contour Venture Partners, and Primary Venture Partners. The company plans to use the new capital to expand its platform and reach out to more venues and artists.

Flymachine is a virtual venue for live entertainment

Flymachine is a virtual entertainment platform that recreates the live concert experience by using proximity-based video chat and advanced broadcast features. The technology also lets audience members move around a virtual space and interact with performers in real-time. The platform allows for a high degree of control over the performance, giving artists unprecedented levels of agency and social connectivity. The venue is patented and the company is currently developing new features.

Flymachine’s leadership team is comprised of music industry veterans. Among them are Rick Farman, who co-founded Outside Lands and Ticketfly. The team also includes Matthew Davis, who is a Grammy-nominated music technology trailblazer. The company’s investors include ATC Management, Primary Venture Partners, Contour Venture Partners, Red Sea Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank.

Flymachine is a virtual entertainment venue that combines the best social and communal features of live events. The company’s mission is to create a social experience that lets fans experience live events as if they were present in the venue. With Flymachine, audiences can share their experiences with friends and family. The platform allows audience members to move around the virtual venue, interact with performers, and create their own experience.

Flymachine has signed exclusive agreements with venues across the country. Some of its clients include the Bowery Ballroom in New York, Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco, and the TV Eye in Queens. Other venues include the Adelaide Hall in Toronto, Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, and Marathon Music Works in Nashville. The company has also signed agreements with the Signal in Kansas City, Radio Woodstock in New York, and the Crocodile in Seattle. Lastly, it has an agreement with the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles.

It raised $21 million in a funding round

Flymachine, an online virtual venue for live music performances, has raised $21 million in a funding round led by Greycroft Partners and SignalFire. Additional investors include Primary Venture Partners, Contour Venture Partners, Red Sea Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank. The company’s mission is to create a social, immersive, and accessible way to experience live concerts and shows from the comfort of your own home.

The funding round for Flymachine comes as a sign of increased interest in live entertainment. Other live streaming startups have received significant venture capital funding. In July, Mandolin raised $12 million from 645 Ventures. And, in August, festival ticketing technology company Lyte raised $33 million in Series B funding led by Accel Partners, Rocketship VC, and TriplePoint.

Flymachine was founded by music industry veterans and digital game-changers Andrew Dreskin and Rick Farman, who co-founded Ticketfly and Outside Lands. Another founding partner is ATC Management, a management company that represents 500 artists worldwide.

Greycroft Partners has a diverse portfolio of tech investments. Most of its investments are based in Los Angeles and New York. Greycroft has raised $1.3 billion in capital. Its headquarters in New York City and Los Angeles are home to 186 companies.

It has hosted live music performances

Flymachine, a live-streaming platform, is a recent startup whose founders have extensive experience in the live-music industry. The company has partnerships with many of the top music venues around the country, including Marathon Music Works in Nashville and Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles. In addition, it has hosted concerts at the Bowery Ballroom and Seattle’s Crocodile. As the company grows, it plans to add more venues to its network and introduce new features.

Flymachine is committed to expanding the availability of live music performances, and it has partnered with SignalFire to lead the company’s Series A financing. The company has raised $21 million to date. The investment will be used to expand the company’s audience and grow its business.

The company also offers a platform that gives artists a new level of creative control over their digital performances. The technology allows artists to integrate popular tools and third-party integrations to deliver a truly personalized experience to fans. Additionally, artists can use advanced broadcast features and access real-time data from a variety of sources. Furthermore, the platform allows fans to move around the venue virtually and engage with the performers and other fans.

Flymachine has raised $21 million from investors to improve its platform and expand the company’s team. The funding is being led by Greycroft Partners and SignalFire, with participation from Silicon Valley Bank, Primary Venture Partners, Red Sea Ventures, and Contour Venture Partners. The company also has the backing of music industry luminaries including Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons and WIRED magazine co-founder John Battelle.

It is building up its network of venue partners

Flymachine has an impressive resume of partnering with top-notch music venues in the United States. The company has worked with such venues as the Bowery Ballroom and the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles. Currently, the company has relationships with the Bowery Ballroom, Boston’s historic Old Globe, the Los Angeles Club, and San Francisco’s Bimbo’s 365 Club. Flymachine is building its network of venue partners with the hopes of bringing more live concerts to the masses.

With a growing network of iconic venue partners, Flymachine is expanding its team and building new features into its platform. CEO and co-founder Andrew Dreskin believes that virtual events are the future of music and will change the game. However, he admits that current technology is insufficient to achieve these goals. Hence, the company has developed the most advanced platform to offer a next-generation live music experience to fans.

Flymachine’s new capital injection will help the company expand its team and expand its venue network, as well as develop new features. The company’s technology platform features advanced broadcast features and real-time data. It also enables live performers to interact with their virtual audiences.

Greycroft and SignalFire lead a $21 million financing round for Flymachine, which bills itself as a “virtual venue” that allows fans to interact with one another during live performances. Using proximity-based video chat, Flymachine offers an immersive concert experience to fans watching the performance from the comfort of their own home. The technology also allows fans to talk to one another over the sound of the music without disturbing others.

It is gearing up for live touring

Flymachine has announced a partnership with iconic music venues to stream concerts. This partnership will enable artists to reach stadium-sized crowds without the need to travel to an actual concert. The company has already partnered with venues like the Bowery Ballroom in New York and the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles to stream shows. Flymachine’s team has deep roots in the music industry, having founded and co-founded two successful companies: TicketWeb and EventBrite.

Flymachine’s team is working to create a better experience for fans by offering immersive, social and interactive music experiences. The company’s fundraising round included investment from Greycroft Partners and SignalFire, among others. Besides these investors, Flymachine also has the support of other music industry luminaries like Ben Lovett from Mumford & Sons, WIRED magazine founder John Battelle, Silicon Valley Bank, and Primary Venture Partners.

The company has been focused on growing its diverse team, expanding its list of iconic venue partners, and developing new features on its platform. Andrew Dreskin, co-founder and CEO of Flymachine, believes that virtual events can transform the way music fans experience concerts. While current technology doesn’t quite do the job, he believes that Flymachine is well-positioned to make the technology better.

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