Guna Milan: The 36 Gunas of Hindu Marriage

Guna Milan is one of the most renowned pairings and compatibility guidelines to marry according to Vedic Astrology. It is the primary element in Kundli matchmaking for marriage. The tables are found in all Panchanga; they are based on the nakshatras associated with the wedding couple; it is possible to identify the couple’s compatibility areas.

The technique of astrological analysis between 2 Kundli which is known as Ashtakoot or Guna Milan is a crucial factor in analyzing the compatibility of the genders of a boy and girl. The relationship ratio is an extensive analysis of the impact and influence of planets on the prospective wedding couple.

In total eight Gunas are in sync with their horoscopes. Each Guna is unique in its own points, and the sum of the points is 36. To ensure that a marriage is good astrologically it is essential to have at minimum the number of 18 Gunas from 36. The more points you have, the more likely you are to get married and be happy.

According to the oldest Hindu texts, Lord Rama along with goddess Sita received 36 points. In taking this story to be taken into consideration, a successful marriage is the capacity to give up self-interest to one another in challenging circumstances. Lord Rama along with Mother Sita were loyal to one another even in the most challenging situations.

Guna Milan or Ashtakoot Table

Guna Milan

Varna – Mental Compatibility

Varna examines the mental compatibility of a couple. The lunar symbol (Lunar symbol) is broken down in four different categories. Each category is characterized by certain traits that indicate the potential of a person and their inherent abilities. This also encompasses the mental inclination and egos of the participants. The maximum score that you can score in this area is one.

Based on Vedic Astrology, the twelve zodiac signs are split into four Varnas. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are Brahmins; Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – Kshatriyas; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – Vaishyas; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are Shudras.

The best compatibility between varnas is when the bride and groom fit in the same Varna. In other cases, the groom’s varna should be greater. Both cases result in 1 total score of compatibility. When the wedding sign is greater than the sign of the bride, then no points of compatibility are accumulated.

Vasya – Attachment

It’s the capacity of electromagnetic influence, perception as well as control, and obedience that may be found between husband and wife. In marriage, there’s a war to keep each other in check and the common areas of lifelike, such as children. Who has control over whom and what can be derived by the laws that govern where the Moons of each are? They are classified according to:

  • Nara (human): Gemini, Virgo, Libra, first 15deg of Sagittarius and Aquarius
  • Vanachara (inhabitants of the forest) Vanachara (inhabitants of the forests) Leo
  • Keeta (insects) – Scorpio
  • Chatushpad (artiodactyls) Chatushpad (artiodactyls) Aries, Taurus, from 15 to 30 degrees Sagittarius from 0 to 15 deg Capricorn.
  • Jalachara (fish and other animals that reside in the water) (fish) – Cancer 15-30 deg Capricorn and Pisces

In accordance with this criterion, the highest score that couples can receive when they are compatible is 2.

Tara or Dina – Relationship Duration

Tara as well as Dina compatibility considers the health of the relationship and its long-term stability after the marriage. The Guna is considered to be essential and has three points. When you find that the Tara element is favorable for couples, it is a sign of the existence of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Tara Guna is an interpretation of the 27 Nakshatras.

To find how to determine the Tara Milan, you need to determine how many nakshatras in the woman’s nakshatra up to a man’s Nakshatra. Divide the resultant number by nine. If the remaining number is 3 7, 5, or 3 The container doesn’t get any points. If the remaining portion is different, 1.5 points are awarded.

Yoni – Sexual Compatibility

It analyzes the sexual side of marriage and evaluates the level of sexual compatibility between the couple. It evaluates the similarity between sexual activities, desires for sensual pleasures as well as dimensions of female genitals. The moon, because it is situated within a specific nakshatra can be more suitable to certain particular nakshatras than others. Accordingly, compatibility points are placed. Every nakshatra is assigned the name of an animal, or its quality.

Up to 4 possible compatibility scores can be obtained using this method.

Maitri – Psychological Compatibility

This method is through the natural interactions of the planets that regulate the significations where your moon partner is situated. If the signs of male and female are similar, it suggests the most compatible compatibility.

The compatibility will be high enough when it’s an indication of friendship. It is more difficult to be compatible in the event that one is friendly while the other is not. This is even more problematic when both parties are neutral to one another. It is possible to have a variant when one party is friendly while the other is neutral or hostile. The most dangerous thing happens when both are adversaries. The moon is not a threat and neither does any planet consider Jupiter to be an adversary.

5 points are allotted to be able to benefit from this method.

Gana – Temperament Compatibility

Gana Milan is inextricably linked with man’s deep nature. It regulates temperament, which is why it is essential to Milan to have a long-term connection. There are three kinds (Ganas) of personality types:

  • Deva Gana (Spiritual) is a symbol of the good nature of the spiritual and good nature.
  • Manushya Gana (human) can be described as a mix of positive and negative qualities.
  • Rakshasa Gana (demonic) Rakshasa Gana (demonic) symbolizes strength, dominance, and a tendency towards violence.

The concept of compatibility is to get married to a person who is your Gana. The highest point you can earn during this Milan is 6.

Bhakoot – Happiness, and Harmony

Bhakoot is connected to the moon’s position relative to two people who are in the zodiac sign of astrology. The zodiac sign where the moon is located in the chart of birth (natal moon) is known as Janma Rashi and the area of the zodiac with the length of 13 degrees 20 ‘, where the natal moon is situated is known as Janma Nakshatra. It is the most sensitive region – any planet’s transits are taken into account from this area. It is from this that the time that is favorable or not is calculated by selecting muhurta. Seven points are assigned to this method.

Nadi – Physiological compatibility

The word “Nadi” can refer to numerous things, however, in this instance, Nadi indicates the type of nerve energy that influences human physiology. It is also a sign of various hereditary aspects. This is the pathway through to Prana (or Life force flows.

Nadi can be described as the single most crucial element of Nadi and is the most important aspect of Guna Milan in the Kundli Matching process, which is awarded 8 points in assessing the compatibility.

Three Nadis: Adi, Madhya And Antya. Two nakshatras along one line create a Nadi dosha. In this scenario, the couple receives no points, and in other cases, 8 points. If there’s an imbalance between the Nadis this is a huge problem for the couple. How much it affects offspring, or a different aspect is debatable.

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