How Does The Taxi Booking Uber Clone App Work?

A Taxi booking app like Uber has made lives easier. But,  how did that happen? Surely they did enjoy the perks of early market entrants but is that all? Will entrepreneurs only succeed if they enter first in the market with something new that no one has ever seen? The answer to this question is a big fat NO. Success does come when you showcase a unique ‘ability’ but that doesn’t mean those who enter with the same idea tend to fail.

Take the example of other Uber-like apps – Lyft and Careem. They have also captured a greater market share and a well-known brand name. Similarly, if you are willing to become an entrepreneur with potentially greater ideas to improve the transportation industry, then this is the right time to hit the bell with a pre-built app.


Explained here is the workflow of the online taxi booking mobile app. The ready-made app that you would be opting for, will work this way. Although the steps mentioned here say a lot about the process, to experience the same with your eye, you must get the free demo app from the selling company!

Step 1: Login/register with the app

The user first has to register with the app if they haven’t already. They can use their phone number or email address for the same. To verify the account, an OTP is sent to the number/email entered. After which the user can add their name and other asked details.

Those who want to log in can do so by entering their registered number/email and OTP sent or even password. However, the new way to login is – via Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning!

Step 2: Book a trip

Now, the user has to simply book a taxi on the Uber clone. For this, they need to:

  • Enter pickup location
  • Destination
  • Select the car type
  • Choose a payment option

And finally, send the ride request.

Step 3: The user gets the trip details on the screen

Once the user sends the trip request, all the nearby drivers are notified about it. The notification appears with a timer, destination, and the customer’s name. The driver can accept or decline the request accordingly. However, when the driver accepts the ride request, this update is sent to the user via an in-app push notification. 

Besides the notification, ‘Driver has accepted your request’, these details appear on the taxi booking app screen:

  • Driver name
  • Driver’s profile picture
  • Ratings
  • Car model and number
  • Options to call, chat, share the ride, and cancel

Step 4: Invoice summary

After the trip is completed and the driver clicks on the ‘End Trip’ option, an invoice is generated on the driver’s as well as the rider’s app. The smart Uber Clone App already has in-built algorithms that calculate the overall price of the ride once it ends. The invoice contains the complete breakdown of the fare, the pickup and destination, and the summed up fare.

This automatic generation of invoices eliminates the chances of unnecessary bargaining in price!

Step 5: Pay the driver

After the driver clicks on the ‘Collect Payment’ option, the money is automatically deducted from the user’s in-app wallet or credit card if they’ve chosen an online payment. Whereas, if the user has opted for a cash payment, they will then have to hand over the cash to the driver.

The last step is – rating and reviewing the driver!


You can be a successful entrepreneur if you have decided which Uber clone script you want. The accuracy and precision of the clone script also play an important role in providing you with a bug-free and high-quality product.

Choose your white-labeling firm wisely!

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