Life-Changing Tips On How To Choose The Best Custom Hoodies

Hoodie season is coming, and we are all here for it!

Hoodies are so popular in America that they have their own season. They are the go-to clothing article, even if it’s out of season. Because there is no season for comfort. 

Custom hoodies are a great way to promote your brand, outfit your team, sell stuff, or thank friends, family, and followers.

With dozens of brands and hundreds of styles, it’s hard to understand where to begin.

This post offers 7 pieces of advice on hoodies: styles, fabrics, printing and recommendation. 

So, let’s get right into it!

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Pullover Vs. Zip-Up Hoodies

Pullovers and zip-ups are popular hoodies. These two styles differ in how they’re worn (hence the names). Zip-up hoodies have two front pockets; pullovers have one. These two styles dominate hoodies. 

You can purchase quarter-zip hoodies, button-downs, side-zips, feather fringes, and sleeveless hoodies online in bulk from Hanes Hoodies Wholesale suppliers. But these styles are unusual to certain brands or rogue designers.


Hoodies are created from many fabrics and blends, like T-shirts. There’s soft, basic cotton. Polyester (which doesn’t shrink) is moisture-wicking and technologically advanced. 50/50 cotton/poly blends and tri-blends are a lifesaver.

Which Hoodie Fabric Is The Softest?

Sponge Fleece:

The softest, warmest hoodie fabric is sponge fleece.

Sweatshirt fleece is manufactured from the aforesaid materials. Inside are shredded yarn loops that are combed to make it fuzzy. This makes it soft and warmer. What’s more delicate than fleece? Sponge-fleece. However, it’s less absorbent than terry.

French Terry: 

French terry is lighter and less soft than fleece. It’s not as soft as fleece, but whereas fleece’s heavier weight keeps you warmer, French terry’s lightweight absorbency and breathability keep you more relaxed. Generally, it’s used for towels.

Hoodie Manufacturers

It would be crazy to go over every hoodie brand on the internet. So let’s look at a couple of the top ones and compare their quality and prices.

Bella+Canvas, District, and American Apparel

These are the top hoodie brands all around the world. They make well-designed, fashionable products without compromising on quality. All of these three brands are top-selling because of all the right reasons. However, American Apparel is a little pricier than both Bella+Canvas and District.

Champion, Next Level, and Hanes

Champion was the original hoodie pioneer in the 1930s. Next Level is like affordable American Apparel (without the USA-made), but their items are fantastic. Hanes is a trusted brand, especially for high-quality hoodies. Depending on the product, some prices may be premium. All in all, you can easily buy hoodies in bulk from any Champion, Next Level or Hanes hoodies wholesale supplier. 

FTL, Jerzees, and Gildan

Finally, budget-friendly brands! Cheaper but without losing quality. As the market becomes more competitive, you’ll find more fashion-forward selections. Fruit of the Loom is a trusted brand, Jerzees is a market leader, and Gildan is huge in the blank t-shirt business.


This multipurpose garment includes several print locations and customization options, but some constraints exist. Not every hoodie you see is ideal for screen-printing. This is why make sure to double or even triple-check before buying one. 

The majority of the time, the limitations are print placements. But at times, it can also be the fabric or design. 


Hoodie sizes match T-shirt sizes. Cotton hoodies shrink more than polyester and blend. Heavyweight and lighter hoodies may vary slightly; thus, the addition of heavy and light in the name, Duhhh…

Exceptions include particular brands, styles, fits, and men’s and women’s cuts. For this reason, Always compare product specs and measurements to standard sizing.

Consider Personal Style

Some people favor large, oversized hoodies. As it’s trending. While some like them snug. 

When ordering for a team or family, inquire what they prefer. This is the best way to order. Get their typical size and ask if they want baggy or form-fitting hoodies. Compare product photographs of models to different styles and brands. You may notice substantial changes in saggy or tight areas.


T-shirts, hoodies, and other bespoke sportswear have limited options. American Apparel changed the game with side seams and “fashion fit” cuts. 

Many companies provide retail, slim, Euro, or plain fit.

Some men’s hoodies hug the body and give a sleeker profile. Such clothing pieces use thinner fabrics and well-designed accents. This means that you’ll also have to pay more. 

Before making a purchase, make sure to check the product description. If it doesn’t indicate fashion, retail, or slim fit, then it’s probably a normal fit.

Men’s Hoodies Vs. Women’s

You must choose between unisex and men’s and women’s hoodies when buying in bulk. 

To emphasize, we advocate selling women’s merchandise.

Men’s and women’s hoodies aren’t always available. They run out of stock more quickly. Unisex hoodies are just a brand’s way of charging you more if you haven’t noticed already. In most cases, they are basically men’s hoodies with minor differences. To your surprise, there is no women’s version. This is why it’s great to opt for women’s hoodies. 

Women’s hoodies are molded to the female figure. The cut has smaller shoulders, a tapered waist, and flared hips. Men have more room in the waist, shoulders, and arms.

Finally, we hope it was helpful and fun. You now know how to order personalized hoodies.

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