How to Defend a Doctoral Dissertation in the Best Way?

During all the time in your medical degree, the most challenging part can be for you to defend a doctoral dissertation. Many medical students are not good at oral defence part. They are not comfortable giving interviews and presentations. Despite all these things, they can still defend their dissertation with the right guidance. Confidence is the key to winning the hearts of defence committee members; only with proper guidance can you become confident.

If you are confused about how to defend a doctoral dissertation, this article will guide you through the process of defending your dissertation in an effective manner.

1. Put it in context:

Your doctoral dissertation will remain a mystery without proper context. To defend a doctoral dissertation, you need to give proper context. You need to explain all about your dissertation topic so that your dissertation can be understood better. It would help if you told in detail how your project contributes to medicine and how it will expand the readers’ knowledge. What are your theoretical and methodological choices, and why did you make them? What are the parameters of your study? What were the things that made you pursue research on your chosen topic in the first place? How will your work differ from the work of other people? What will be the most significant contribution to your work? Answering all these questions will help you to defend your dissertation.

2. Get complete knowledge of your dissertation topic:

Defence is all about what you are here to offer to your medical community. To defend a doctoral dissertation, you have to justify all of the choices you made while doing the research project. There is a slight chance that questions might come from outside your project. Most of the questions will be directly related to your topic. This means you need to focus on your dissertation topic. You need to get all the related information about your topic so that you can justify and explain your choices. Instead of trying to know everything about your field, only focus on your topic and conduct research to get meaningful insights that will help you defend your topic. You can also get help from a best dissertation writing service in this regard.

3. Set your terms in the opening presentation:

It is mandatory to give an opening presentation to defend your dissertation in the medical field. This presentation can be a great opportunity for you to set the terms for your project. In this presentation, you can frame a conversation that fits you. Your examiners may have already prepared questions for you. But opening a presentation can be a great way to set the terms that work for you. Therefore, you need to prepare an opening presentation for your defence as it will force your examiner to see the big picture behind your dissertation project.

4. Know your audience properly:

 Your examiners are not going to ask irrelevant questions. These people have specific interests and views. Much evidence is available in the form of their work and published writing. This can help you know your examiner better and predict what questions they will ask. To defend a doctoral dissertation to your examiner, read some things about your examiner. Identify places in your research that can create conflict in your ideas. This will help you answer according to their requirements, and you will be able to defend your dissertation effectively.

5. Create a list of common defence questions:

This tip is the most difficult one. To defend a doctoral dissertation, it is vital to list good common defence questions related to your study area. Prepare your answers properly to each of these questions. Using what you know about your committee, you can develop your answers according to their likings and interests. Do proper research to find perfect answers. After researching them, make notes and review them a bunch of times. You can also read these answers to your friends to build more confidence.

6. Know when to stop and relax:

It is important to prepare to defend a doctoral dissertation. Therefore, you need to do as much as you can. Meanwhile, you should not get overwhelmed with stress and work constantly. Before two days from your defence, stop your work and try to relax. You have done everything you can do. Now, you need to feel confident. Confidence is the key to winning the hearts of the committee members. You can show more confidence and give perfect answers if you feel relaxed and active. Going with a tired and stressed mind can highly reduce your performance.

7. Dress well:

The outfit you will wear in your defence can impact you greatly. You should meet some academic standards to defend a doctoral dissertation. For instance, instead of looking like a medical student, try to look like an academic fellow. Your outfit also needs to be comfortable so that you will not get any distractions. It also must need make you feel great and confident. In contrast, meeting the academic committee in casual dress will create a negative impression. So, keep all your yourself well prepared in all fields. teisiniai vertimai

8. Get the right mindset:

The right mindset is essential to defend a doctoral dissertation. It plays a major role when you are defending your research. Frame your dissertation project in your mind as a valuable and rare opportunity. You need to believe in your dissertation and the research you have conducted. Because if you don’t have confidence in your findings and results, you will be unable to convince the defence committee. A positive mind regarding your dissertation can help you defend your project.


After reading this article, you do not have to worry about the defence for your dissertation. The above tips are all you need to defend a doctoral dissertation. Meet the committee with proper dressing and the right mind-set. Do proper research on your dissertation topic and find the best answers to all possible questions. Know your examiner’s views and opinions to find the answers that could impress them. After following these tips, defending a doctoral dissertation will be a piece of cake for you.

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