How to study IBDP Biology HL in 2 weeks?

IBDP Biology HL is the subject which requires time long medication. But if you have not studied yet and want to complete the entire syllabus, you do not only need to work hard but you need to do smart work along with hard work.  

Do not worry! I’m then to guide you with a proper plan for the coming 2 weeks to complete your medication for the test. And I’m sure if you follow the tips which I’m going to partake in, there are high chances for you to pass this paper with flying colors.

See, time is important but concentrated sweets for a short period of time can cause cautions, trust me! And completing the syllabus of IBDP Biology HL in 2 weeks isn’t a phenomenon, it’s although proven by so numerous scholars before as well. So there’s no need to feel disheartened about it and should surely March on a new plan to succeed. 

 Following are the tips which need to be followed to prepare for the test in 2 weeks   compass. 

  1. Analyze the syllabus:  Syllabus needs to be made clear to say the motifs which have to be covered under the syllabus should be crystal clear. There should not be any confusion regarding the motifs you need to cover under the specified syllabus of your concerned course. This will be regarded as the first step towards your medication. This will save your time as well as trouble.   
  1. Prepare a  distance of the most important  topics as directed by the class  schoolteacher or seniors: There’s always a raw guidance either through your  preceptors or seniors by your side who’ll mark you the most important  topics  from the  test point of view. So those will be the topics which need to be covered indeed before you actually start your medication. This will reduce the pressure when you look at the syllabus and some of the motifs which have a high probability to come in examinations have formerly been covered. 
  1. Setting daily targets: A routine on a diurnal base would help you track your diurnal targets plus the number of motifs remaining to be covered in the number of days left. The routine should be realistic to help you from overdue pressure. There should be a clear cut line of the motifs to be covered on which day. So that at the end of the 2 weeks, you would be suitable to complete the whole syllabus. Make a reasonable diurnal Target and try to hit it by hook or crook because it’s your final innings, you won’t get time after this.  
  1. Cover the Easy topics first: You should try to cover the easy motifs first. That will boost your confidence. The reason behind starting with the easy one motifs is time i.e. you’ll take less time to cover them. And anyway you’re going to share the same marks for answering an easy or difficult question. So it’s always recommended to complete the easy motifs first as a part of the smart work.  
  1. Doing a past paper every alternate day: Working on a past paper will let you know your weak areas as well as your strong areas. It’ll also help you to assay how questions are framed in examination and consequently you can prepare yourself. Try to break the paper in a time bound frame to get the sense of the real test scenario. However, also at the end of 14 days you would have done 7 past papers, if you’re harmonious in working a paper every alternate day. However,  also it’s  relatively  egregious that you now are  fully  apprehensive of the  test pattern, If you have done proper analysis of 7  history papers. And this practice of yours will help you cost good marks in the real test. There’s also a probability for questions to get repeated in the test.  
  1. Make a list of the repeated questions over the past 10 years: Listing all the repeated questions under a single tablet and also reading it every day. It’ll hardly take 15 twinkles but it’ll make sure you know the answers for the most probable questions of the test. You can use resources like tribe topper to practice past papers and question banks. 
  1. Revise what you formerly have learnt before jumping to new chapters: You should always start with the modification of the formerly learnt chapters. After that you should move on to new motifs. This will help you to recall your motifs about which you know completely for a longer duration of time.    

With these tips if followed constantly, you can fluently cover up the syllabus along with grabbing good marks indeed in 2 weeks.   Hope you do well in your examinations.  All stylish!

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