Hungry Howie’s Pizza in Myrtle Beach

The Hungry Howie’s pizza company is a franchise with more than 550 locations. In addition to pizza, they also offer calzone style subs, chicken wings, bread, salads, and brownies. The company has been in business since 1968 and has many loyal customers. Read on to learn about the company, their products, and their pricing. To get started, you can visit any of their locations for lunch or dinner.

About Hungry Howie’s

The company began as a small family-owned pizza shop in Detroit. By 1996, it had more than 300 franchised restaurants and sales had topped $140 million. Its growth had been fueled by expansion into co-branding and nontraditional locations. In 1997, Hungry Howie’s had 12 nontraditional locations in Florida and was negotiating an outdoor concession agreement at the Meadow Brook concert venue. The company’s success paved the way for the creation of a new hot sandwich.

The restaurant has many different types of pizzas to choose from. The Original Flavored Crust Pizza is one of the chain’s most popular products, and customers love it for its fresh ingredients. There are also various cheeses, sauces, sides, and garlic breads available for ordering. There are 545 locations in the U.S. and Canada, with over 450 in the United States alone. Hungry Howie’s has earned its reputation as a family-friendly restaurant.


You’ve probably heard of Hungry Howie’s Pizza, but what exactly is it and where can you find one in the Myrtle Beach area? Hungry Howie’s is a chain of quick service restaurants that are known for their pizza, subs, and salads. The company has three locations in the area and is open late. In fact, you can order delivery for your vacation rental.

With over 40 years of experience, Hungry Howie’s Pizza is one of the nation’s largest pizza franchises. They are known for their original Flavored Crust(r) pizza, and have over eight flavors to choose from. They also offer calzone style subs, Howie Breads, and crisp & cool salads. Founded in Taylor, MI, Hungry Howie’s has expanded to over 600 locations across 24 states.


The menu at Hungry Howie’s includes many delicious options. From a chicken bacon ranch pizza to the chef salad, you can find something you’ll love on the menu. Each meal includes nutrition information, ingredients, and allergy information. The menu also includes special orders. Hungry Howie’s is also a great place to find a healthy meal. There are a variety of salads and drinks available, including Aquafina water.

The business model of Hungry Howie’s has worked well, but the company’s focus on expansion has led to key changes in recent years. The company introduced a prototype store design, aimed at giving the concept a fresh look and improving operational efficiency. The new prototype is proving to be an effective strategy, with sales up 40% higher than previous units. Further, the company has announced plans to franchise its products.


The menu at Hungry Howie’s is fairly basic. You’ll find the chicken Howie roll, pepperoni Howie roll, and steak Howie roll. You can also order a drink from the menu. Prices for beverages range from $1 to $3. You can add extras, such as dipping sauce and jalapenos or mild peppers, to your order for an additional fee.

Prices vary depending on the location and what is on sale. You can find daily specials in the menu. You can also order carryout or have your food delivered. You should also know that taxes and other charges may apply. Some locations also offer limited time offers, which you may want to check with your local store to see if they offer them. You’ll also want to ask about the price of a delivery.

Flavored crust

The flavored crust at Hungry Howie’s Pizza is now available as an exclusive flavor, and it will be available for a limited time. The flavored crust is a favorite among guests, and it is an ideal option for summer nights. The crust consists of 25 to 35 calories and has a butter cheese flavor. You can view the full nutrition facts and ingredients of the pizza crust at hungry howie’s, and see if this pizza is suitable for children.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza is a homestyle pizzeria with 40 years of experience. The company has locations in 21 states and consistently ranks among the top ten pizza chains in the United States. While it began with just pizza, Hungry Howie’s has expanded its menu and now offers calzone-style subs, chicken wings, and a selection of salads. The pizza is made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, and the service is friendly and efficient.

Pizza-shaped pie of cookies

When ordering a pizza, ask your server to cut the pie in the shape of a pizza. That way, everyone has a piece. If your guest is a large group, make extra pizzas and offer a slice to each person. This will help them bond over their shared meal. Another great option is a pizza-shaped pie of Hungry Howie’s cookies.

You may be looking for a quick pizza delivery. You can order one of their pizzas, or you can pick up a take-away pizza. You’ll love the variety of toppings and the Flavored Crust! This fast and friendly pizza delivery option is the perfect solution for busy people. You can enjoy a pizza-shaped pie with your family, or take it home to share with a loved one.

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