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I Love Growing Marijuana is one of the top seed banks owing to its great customer service, high-quality seeds, terrific sales and discounts and a collection of free online growing resources for both new and seasoned growers. They offer you a germination guarantee, which is one of the top benefits of the company. Here is everything that you may like about ILGM.

They Have A Reputation Of Helping Cannabis Growers

Robert Bergman, the founder of the site, made it a portal that cannabis growers could use to come together and share information. They offer amazing expert growing resources apart from selling top quality seeds. ILGM offers an in-depth growing guide with every order along with other additional information. You are sure to be offered the best services with their germination and delivery guarantee. 

An Impressive Selection And Guaranteed Quality

I Love Growing Marijuana offers excellent buds that offer a consistent yield. They offer top-tier genetics of their seeds with the germination guarantee. Your seeds will surely sprout if you follow the growing instructions properly. They cover an impressive selection of strains, and you can easily shop on their site, especially if you are not aware of the type of strains you are looking to grow. They offer indicas, sativa, medicinal weed, ultra-high THC content and high CBD/THC ratios. You have the option to choose according to your requirements and properties. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

They offer a wide variety of feminized seeds. Their top feminized seeds include Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and White Widow. If you prefer feeling the challenge of sorting out the seeds yourself from the male plants, then you can also choose from the regular seed range. But these are only recommended for pro growers.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana is well known for offering you a wide range of auto-flowering seeds. These are beginner-friendly and low maintenance, and you can grow them year-round in just ten weeks without any light cycle management requirement. These are smaller in size, and they are easier to grow. The staff also offers you the required assistance to choose the right strains and provide you with the required knowledge about their growing styles and capabilities.

Nutrients And Other Products

They also offer you all the equipment and products that are required for growing your marijuana plant. They offer you everything from fertilizers, nutrient boosters to plant protectors. You can choose to buy these products separately; if you can choose the all-in-one growing kit that offers them at discounted rates, they also carry their own CBD oil. 

Discounts And loyalty Points

One of the top benefits of shopping from their site is that they offer to buy 10 get ten free sales. You can save 50% on top-quality seeds, and you can also avail an additional 10% discount if you use bitcoin. They also show appreciation towards you by offering you loyalty programs where each purchase earns you certain points that add up to the future discounts and offer you bonus gifts. 

Conclusively IGM is a top choice for various marijuana growers, especially because of their guidance and high discount rates. 

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