Is it a good idea to invest in Linux shared hosting in India?

Regarding web hosting, there are multiple options in the market. Some web hosting solutions come at a very low-cost such as Linux shared hosting in India is a very cheap web hosting. And Some are very expensive but come with many features like a Dedicated Server and VPS Server.

Most people don’t want to invest money in web hosting. Rayere they go with a  free web hosting Services. But is it the right decision not to get a Web hosting service without a web hosting provider?

Hosting a website on free hosting is just as risky as riding in a car without a driver. Anything can happen at any time. So what is the solution?

In my opinion, Cheap Linux shared hosting in India is the best alternative to free hosting because it comes with many benefits and boosts your business growth.

How Does Shared Hosting Work?

The working process of Linux shared hosting in India is very simple. In shared hosting, thousands of websites are hosted on a single Web server, and all websites share the resources and space of the Server.

Hosting on a shared server is like living in an apartment with neighbors. In a shared facility, such as a gym, pool, and parking, all of the facilities are shared between all of you.

How Linux Shared Hosting in India is Better Than Free Hosting?

Linux shared hosting is far beer than Free hosting in many ways. And here are some points that prove that investing money in web hosting is an excellent idea.

You Get a Web Hosting Provider:

Web hosting services are available from a wide range of providers, which is one of their main advantages. They take care of all your needs and inform you if any updates or security threats need to be addressed.

You Get Server Uptime Guarantee:

A quality web hosting provider always gives their customers a minimum of 99.% server uptime guarantee. However, you don’t know when your Server will face downtime in free hosting, and you can’t even complain about it. So if you buy Linux shared hosting in India, you don’t have to worry about the Server downtime problem.


Linux shared hosting in India is more secure than free hosting, and there will be less server downtime. Also, your web hosting provider manages your Server. And you do not have to do any challenging tasks. So overall, it’s a reliable web hosting service where you can host your website without any worries.


Linux is open source, and if any security breach happens in Linux OS, it is resolved as soon as possible. And also, your web hosting provider installs some additional security software to prevent any security breach in India Linux shared web hosting. Also, an SSL certificate is not available in Free hosting.


Backup is one of those things that is not possible in free hosting. Also, some web hosting providers did not provide data backup. But many web hosting companies back up your data weekly or monthly. So must find a web hosting provider that can give you a backup with India Linux shared hosting servers.

Operating system:

Although Linux shared hosting is a great option. But if you feel more comfortable working on windows, this option is available on paid web hosting services. The choice is yours whether you want to buy Linux shared hosting in India or Windows shared hosting.

The Best Linux Shared Hosting Provider in India- Hostbillo

The Best Linux Shared Hosting Provider in India- Hostbillo

Hostbillo hosting solutions is a web hosting company that offers a wide range of Best Linux shared hosting in India plans and packages. Hostbiilo understands its customers’ needs, which is why they have a plan for every customer.

Hostbillo is an emerging web hosting company. Their technical team has worked in the web hosting industry for almost ten to eleven years. They provide all types of Web hosting services, Such as Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting server, Shared Hosting, and many more.

Features That Hostbillo Provide With Their Linux Shared Hosting in India plan-

  • 99.90% server uptime guarantee
  • Weekly backups
  • Cheap web hosting plans
  • Operating system choice
  • Control panel
  • Free domain name
  • Free migration
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • Addon domains
  • Business emails


India Linux shared web hosting is the best alternative to Free hosting. And why not? It has many benefits you will not get in Free hosting. Also, Linux is free to use, so you don’t have to pay additional for os upgrades.

If you think finding reliable web hosting providers is challenging, then you can go with Hostbillo. It is a trustworthy web hosting company. You can get the Best and Cheap Linux Shared Hosting Plans in India from Them.

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