Know about the unique adventures and attractions of the desert safari Dubai trip:

Dubai is a city of extraordinary experiences and adventures; nothing encapsulates this better than a Desert Safari. It offers visitors the opportunity to explore the vast Arabian Desert and experience a unique combination of culture, adventure, and entertainment. In this article, we’ll look closely at some of the top attractions and adventures available on Desert Safari Dubai.

Dune Bashing: Thrilling Adventure in the Desert

It is one of the most popular activities for all the adventure seekers. This off-road driving adventure takes you on a thrilling ride over the dunes of the Arabian Desert Safari. For this, you will find the experienced drivers they provide you the adrenaline filled ride and best experience. As you ride the dunes, you’ll also have the chance to witness the spectacular views of the vast desert landscape.

Camel Riding: Traditional Transport in the Arabian Desert

Camel riding is the best activity to explore the entire desert, and you should try this. Camels have been used as a mode of transportation in the Arabian Desert for centuries, and riding one is a unique way to experience the region’s traditional culture. You will have an opportunity to select the both long and short camel ride. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the gentle swaying of the camel and take in the panoramic views of the desert.

Sandboarding: Surfing the Sand Dunes of Dubai

If you’re a fan of extreme sports, then sandboarding is a must-try activity in Dubai. This adventure takes you to the top of the dunes, where you can strap on a sandboard and glide down the slopes.

The feeling is akin to snowboarding but on sand instead of snow. The experience is thrilling, and the views of the desert are breathtaking. Sandboarding is suitable for people of all ages and skill levels and is a fun activity with friends and family.

Quad Biking: High-Speed Adventure in the Desert

Quad biking is an exciting way to explore the vast expanse of the Arabian Desert. You can rent a quad bike and ride it through the dunes at high speed, taking in the stunning views of the desert. Quad bikes are easy to operate, and you’ll receive a brief training session before setting off. This activity is suitable for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts and is a great way to pump adrenaline.

Arabian Cuisine: Savoring the Delights of Bedouin-Style Cooking

Arabian cuisine is a significant part of the culture in Dubai, and a desert safari is an excellent opportunity to experience it. Most desert safaris offer traditional Bedouin-style cooking, including various meat dishes, rice, bread, and salads.

You’ll enjoy the food while sitting on traditional Arabian carpets and cushions, creating a comfortable and authentic atmosphere. The food is cooked traditionally, using an open fire and charcoal, adding to the unique and memorable experience.

Falconry: Know about the hunting art

Falconry is a traditional sport in the Middle East and has been practiced for centuries. It involves using a trained falcon to hunt for prey in the desert. During a desert safari, you can witness a live falconry show, where expert trainers will demonstrate the art of falconry and the falcon’s hunting skills. You’ll also have the chance to hold a falcon and take a picture with it, creating a unique and memorable experience.

Bedouin-Style Camping: Sleeping Under the Stars in the Desert

Bedouin-style camping is an excellent way to experience the desert at night. The campsite is set up with traditional Bedouin-style tents, rugs, and cushions, creating a comfortable and authentic atmosphere. You’ll enjoy a barbeque dinner under the stars and be entertained by traditional Arabian music and dance performances.

The best part of this activity is that you can sit around the bonfire at the night time. In the morning, you’ll wake up to the serene beauty of the desert landscape and have a delicious breakfast.

Henna Painting: Traditional Body Art from the Arabian Culture

Henna painting is a traditional form of body art that has been practiced in the Middle East and North Africa for centuries. You can get a henna tattoo on your hands or feet during a desert safari created by expert henna artists. You should know that the tattoos are made from the natural dye. However, it is the best method to experience the Arabian culture and you should not miss this at any cost.

Belly Dancing: A Cultural Performance in the Desert

During a desert safari, you can enjoy a live belly dancing performance by expert dancers. The performances are accompanied by traditional Arabian music and create a lively and vibrant atmosphere. You can also join in and learn some basic belly dancing moves, making for a fun and engaging experience.

Stargazing: Witnessing the Beauty of the Desert Sky at Night

Stargazing in the Arabian Desert is a magical experience, as the clear night sky provides a perfect view of the stars. During a desert safari, you can witness the beauty of the desert sky and learn about the constellations from expert guides. You’ll be amazed at the sheer number of stars visible in the sky and be inspired by the beauty of the universe.

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