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Expert Advisors are mostly used in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Trading Forex with an EA offers many advantages, but you must also be aware of the risks. You can either create your unique EA or use the ones provided by your trading platform.

Disadvantages of Expert Advisors

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages of EAs. But knowing these disadvantages allows you to control its possible effects and take action to avoid huge losses on your part.

Unfortunately, you cannot respond to real-time news with EAs. This may hinder you from being updated with the current news in the financial world. If you are personally monitoring the news on your computer, you can somehow avoid such mistakes.

Another disadvantage of EAs is that they only act according to what is programmed to them. It is true that EAs have the ability to deal with more than one variable and trade more currencies at the same time, but the system only does what it is programmed to do. That being said, no matter how magnificent your EA is, that software will have no match for human brains. After all, humans were the ones who created it and it will only perform instructions that are programmed to them. As much as possible, always keep track of the performance of your EA. Assess whether it is still in line with your trading plans as well as your trading logic. Good thing EAs are available in MT4, the most user-friendly trading platform for beginners.

Advantages of Expert Advisors

Since the Forex market is open 24/7, there are a lot of opportunities that come and go. Every second counts. Unfortunately, you cannot wait around until this opportunity arises all day long.If you use an Expert Advisor, you can still make trades even if you are not at your computer.No matter if you are working your corporate job, sleeping, or doing anything else, you will not miss out on any opportunities.

More importantly, EAs in MetaTrader 4are very effective in removing the emotional factor that humans tend to experience when trading. Emotions like greed and fear are two of the most common emotions of traders. Although these emotions are common, it doesn’t mean that they won’t affect your trades. Such emotions cloud your decisions. It affects your trading strategy. EAs only act according to the instructions that the trader has put in. The set of instructions should be based on your trading strategy and everything should according to your plan.

There are traders who are trading to generate income or it is their main source of income. This is tough especially if you experience a string of losses. But when you trade using EA, you can avoid emotional trading decisions. Additionally, EAs also known as Forex robots are able to consider more variables altogether instead of wrapping it all in your head. You can trade on different currency pairs all at the same time, something you cannot do when you trade manually. As you already know, automation is really good nowadays.

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