Life After a Kidney Transplant: When Can You Be Back to Your Regular Life and What if Something Happens?

A kidney transplant is a surgical method to replace a dysfunctional or malfunctioning kidney with a healthy one. This healthy kidney is acquired from a donor with two functional kidneys. The kidneys can come from both living and deceased donors. The best kidney transplant hospitals in India can provide efficient and seamless kidney transplants with positive outcomes. 

Kidney transplantation is essential if you have chronic kidney disease. If you are diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, you must undergo kidney transplantation. It will help your kidneys function better and filter waste properly.

There is no doubt that a kidney transplant grants you another chance at life. If you are seeking a kidney transplant, read this article. Here you will get insights regarding the life you are likely to get after a kidney transplant. 

The Importance of a Kidney Transplant – What Happens During one? 

Kidney transplantation is a surgical procedure of replacing a failing or non-functional kidney with a healthy one. The new and healthy kidney can perform the functions your failing kidney is unable to.

The new kidney is placed on your abdomen’s lower right or left side and connected to the nearby blood vessels. Once the kidney is placed in the correct adequate position, it is connected to the blood vessels and bladder.

Next, the artery and vein of the new kidney are attached to yours. Then the ureter is connected to your bladder, thereby allowing urine to pass from your body.

What to Expect After a Kidney Transplant Surgery?

Now that you have undergone a kidney transplant, there are various aspects to consider. Let us look at the possibilities and learn when you can go back to your regular life.

Hospital recovery Post-Surgery

After your kidney transplantation surgery, you will have to stay in the hospital for a period as prescribed by the doctors. The team at the best kidney transplant hospital in India will monitor you during your recovery period. During the initial days of recovery, you will likely feel discomfort. You might experience soreness in your abdomen along with weakness and fatigue. Kidney Transplant Doctors usually recommend getting up and moving about slowly after surgery. It will help your new kidney function better, providing you with more energy.

But if your newly transplanted kidney doesn’t start functioning immediately, you might require dialysis. It will continue till your new kidney starts functioning. 

Post Surgery Follow-Ups are a Must

When it is time for you to go back home, your doctor will schedule several follow-up visits. On the scheduled dates, you need to visit your doctor for a progress check-up. Your doctor will examine you and prescribe tests as required. 

With time, you will have to make fewer visits. You may even consult your specialist over the phone if required. 

Post Transplantation Care at Home

After you return home from the hospital, you must watch your health closely. Your doctors and transplantation team will suggest how you should move about. Follow their directions for a complete recovery. post-surgery.

You should take care of your incision or surgery site and also keep track of:

  • The quantity of fluids you consume daily 
  • Your body temperature
  • The quantity of urine you produce daily 
  • Your body weight
  • Your blood pressure

To Conclude

It usually takes around three months to recover fully from kidney transplantation surgery. However, it might also take less time to heal if your body is responding faster. To return to your regular lifestyle and everyday activities, you might take a month. So if you are looking forward to getting a kidney transplant, consult with the expert doctors of BLK Max Hospital today!

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