Manon McCrory-Lewis

Manon McCrory-Lewis is an English-French actress and model who was born on 5th September 1988. Her father is English and her mother is French. Since she was fourteen, she has been modeling and working for brands such as Burberry and Chanel. Her acting debut came in the 2013 TV series “The Borgias.”

Manon McCrory Lewis is a Christian

The actor Manon McCrory-Lewis is a Christian and she lives in Suffolk, England. She is the eldest child of Helen and Damian Lewis. Helen was a successful actress and theater artist who died at the age of 52. Damian has a Christian background. Their family donated $1 million to the Feed NHS program sponsorship.

She is an aspiring actress

Manon McCrory Lewis is an aspiring actress who hopes to become a famous actress someday. She is the daughter of Helen McCrory, a famous British actress who achieved stardom with the television show “The Bill”. Her mother was also a talented actress and is credited with introducing her to modeling and acting. Manon is only 14 years old and participates in talent development.

She is a model

Manon Mccrory Lewis is a popular model and actress. She debuted in the TV series “The Borgias” in 2013. She is the daughter of model Helen McCrory. She is a dedicated advocate of girl power and the power of the female form. Her family background includes philanthropists, naval shipbuilders, and doctors. She was raised in Sudbury, England, where she attended St Christopher’s School.

She is a social media influencer

Manon McCcrory Lewis is a Welsh-born British social media influencer and author who was born in September 2006. She has a younger brother named Gulliver and is a Christian. Her father is an actor and producer. He has won several awards, including a Primetime Emmy and a Golden Globe. In her spare time, Manon likes to hike, run, and try out new recipes.

Her father is an actor

Damian Watcyn Lewis is an English actor, producer, and presenter. His best known role is in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. The series earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Her mother died of breast cancer

Manon McCrory Lewis’ mother has died from breast cancer. She would have turned 54 on August 17 of this year. She was diagnosed months earlier. Her death is a tragic loss to the Lewis family. The two married in 2007 and had two children.

Her birth sign is virgo

Actress Manon McCrory Lewis was born under the zodiac sign Virgo. Her parents are Helen and Damian McCrory. Her mother passed away of cancer at the age of 52 in 2021. Helen died after a long battle with cancer. Her death came as a shock to the entertainment industry. In the days after her death, many people paid tribute to the actress on social media, writing long captions to her photo and offering their condolences to her family.

Her father is Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis is the father of American actress Manon McCrory-Lewis. He is an actor, producer, and presenter who has won several awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe. He is best known for playing a role in the TV series “Band of Brothers.” The actor has also appeared in numerous other movies and TV shows.

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