MBBS in China: Process and Requirement of Visa Application

Process and Requirement of Visa Application for Student to Study MBBS in China

MBBS in China

Our skilled team helps you with the visa application and embassy interview preparation with a success rate of 100%. The candidate is responsible for organizing the subsequent documents, although we are always here to offer assistance.

  •  Original passport with a minimum validity of two years;
  • Original medical and HIV certificates, original bank statements, original transcripts from grades 10 and 12, original diplomas from high school or college;
  • Original certificate of deviation; original passport-size photo in 10 to 15 copies.

Process and Requirement of Chinese Visa Application

You can seek assistance from overseas education consultants or advisors if you want to learn more about applying for visas.

  •  Admission Letter From The Concerned University
  •  Invitation Letter From China’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  • Complete And Successful Visa Application Process
  • Documents With A Stamp From India’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  • Apostille Certificate And Stamp
  • Booking Of Airline Tickets

Everything you need to know about academic programmes, lifestyle, and universities in China.

We provide complete assistance from the start of your application to the end of your MBBS in China degree. We also help our prospects with the MCI pre-selection procedure, with a success percentage of 100%.

Contact the top overseas education consultants if you have any queries or concerns about the application process for MBBS studies in China.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in China

Indian students should think consider studying medicine in China because there are only approximately 75,000 spaces available each year, and there are roughly 17 Lakh applicants each year. The fierce competition and high cost of MBBS education in India dash the hopes of many students.

In this situation, any students who are facing difficulties in India may want to think about pursuing an MBBS in China. Here is a rundown of some key benefits:

Small Budget

It is relatively inexpensive for Indian students to attend MBBS schools in China. Chinese medical colleges do not request any donations from candidates, in contrast to India, where students must pay a large sum to give. In essence, Indian students can finish their first year of MBBS studies in China within the budget established by Indian colleges News.

Quality Education

There are not many differences between the MBBS curricula in medical colleges in China and India. Attending Chinese institutions will also expose you to more cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge teaching strategies. This is not to argue that MBBS programmes in India do not provide practical training; but, in China, each student has the opportunity to work one-on-one and for a longer period of time with a specific piece of equipment as opposed to India, where groups of students may use the same equipment.

Other Benefits

Students who study MBBS in China will have a fantastic opportunity to experience the worldwide way of life because China is a developed country. Because the universities we recommend follow all international standards and are accredited by the WHO and MCI, students can practice in any nation, including India.

Solutions to Common Student Problems

Undoubtedly, China is a beautiful and developed country. The infrastructure and educational system are vastly superior to those in India. However, a number of Indian students have voiced their displeasure with the following situations.


Due to the extreme cold of China’s winter, some Indian students may find it challenging.

The good news is that students may still drink their coffee inside the building or hallway while wearing half-sleeved t-shirts because all classrooms and hostels have central heating.

The majority of multilingual programmes at Chinese medical universities teach students both English and Chinese.

Before entering this area, we classified these universities according to the percentage of students who do their courses entirely in English.

Food Problem

Parents and several students are worried that there won’t be any Indian food available in China. But don’t worry; we have a mess where Indian food is served on the hostel premises by Indian chefs, so all is not lost. You may make dinner in your room using any of the Indian vegetables and culinary supplies that are available in stores if you learn some basic cooking methods.

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