Protecting Your Brand Name and Reputation Online

Your business reputation carries as much value online as it does offline. But unlike traditional media forms such as radio, television or print, the internet makes it a lot easier to defame your company and brand reputation. With the ease of posting in blogs, forums, and social networking sites, or submitting articles in ezines, your reputation is game for slander and libel from anyone with access to cyberspace. Top Rated Web Hosting Providers

So the question is who could actually do this to your company? Honestly, anybody. These hurtful comments could actually come from people you know. A former employee perhaps. Or a customer. Even those companies that you are competing with. With a simple click of a button, you are basically vulnerable to character defamation.

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With these people out there, it is no surprise that brand protection has become a top priority for companies. One well-placed article on an influential website badmouthing your company and your brand can throw away the years of brand-building. That is why it is really important to ensure that your brand is well-guarded from defamation or slander.

Initially, as a company, you can just sit back and relax. Let the damage disappear as time goes by. Besides, there is a high possibility that the negative remarks made about your brand or your company may not appear in the first few pages of search engine results anyway. This alternative though is not advisable because it does not really help you in managing the damage.

Secondly, you can opt to take legal action against the person accountable for spreading negative information about you. Aside from possible monetary compensation if you win the case, you can have the content taken down. However, this option can be expensive and time-consuming with no guarantee that your case gets resolved in your favor.

A final option would be to let the culprit have a taste of his or her own medicine. Attack him at his own game. This can be done through search engine reputation management.

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If search engine optimization provides you with the option to ensure that your presence in cyberspace is felt by snagging the topmost search ranks for that particular keyword, search engine reputation management goes further than that. It knocks specific search results downwards so it cannot be seen by someone who is searching for that keyword. You can do this to sites that have made derogatory comments about your brand and your company. Drag the site, the article, the blog post, down to the bottom so it won’t affect your brand. Since this requires an expert, you can tap a company that specializes in reputation management repair services. These professionals will do the job for you.

Ensuring that your brand and reputation are protected from defamation or slander is important. Thanks to companies offering reputation management repair services, you can do just that without lifting a finger. Shield your brand from those seeking to take it down. Make sure that all the time and effort put in building it are not wasted. Read more blogs:

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