Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads?

We have all seen Google Ads advertisements, even if we are unaware of them. You’ll most likely notice advertisements whenever you use the search engine at the top of the first results page and in the Shopping tab. They are available on websites, YouTube, and even Gmail.

Pay-per-click campaigns are a terrific approach to increasing website traffic, which everyone wants to accomplish. You may target visitors who are most likely interested in what you offer with advertisements and monitor the outcomes. Why, therefore, should you concentrate on Google Ads?

Describe Google Ads

Through the Display Network and AdSense programs, Google Ads is a platform that enables you to advertise elsewhere in addition to Google. The Google Display Network, which includes over 2 million websites, is a fantastic method to introduce your brand to new consumers and increase the targeted traffic to your landing pages. You are not constrained to running a single kind of advertisement. There are five distinct sorts of campaigns you may run:

● Google Shopping utilizes your product data to match with search terms rather than keywords. Search Network displays your advertisements on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, and other Google properties. Display Network, which displays visual and text ads to people on the Google Display Network

● Video may be seen on Google Play, Google Discover, and other Google and partner websites that allow app campaigns and on YouTube and other sites in the Google Display Network App.

● Additionally, ad extensions allow you to include perks, phone numbers, and other information to boost click-through rates.

More People Are Seeing Your Adverts

Most people around the globe use Google as their primary search engine, and the Google Ads program also reaches users of other search engines. The Google Display Network’s reach is astounding as a consequence; 90% of internet users may see adverts.

Increased brand recognition results from more people seeing your adverts. Thanks to display adverts, your company has been placed right in front of the target people you want based on hobbies, demographics, and more. You’ll observe an average 6.6% boost in brand recognition while simply paying for clicks, not impressions.

More Interesting Ad Types Are Used

Google enjoys experimenting with new approaches, which is why several ad kinds have been introduced. The fact that the dominant search engine is on your side when it comes to advertising is advantageous since, for the most part, if you don’t make money from people clicking on your advertisements, neither do they.

As a result, ad formats have been modified to improve user engagement. Your click-through rate will rise due to the rich material that customers find in product listings on Google Shopping and YouTube video advertising.

Your Finances Are Within Your Control

The days of waking up sweating because you could have gone over budget are long gone. With Google Ads, you have total discretion.

You may decide how much money you want to spend each day and change your mind at any moment. There may likely be days when you go a little over, but there will also be days when you go slightly under, so everything balances out.

You Have All Control

You can handle more than just money with Google Ads; everything is customizable. You choose the keywords for which you want to show up and develop and optimize your ad wording to match your business.

It Is More Rapid Than SEO

Everyone knows how crucial SEO is since search engines won’t find your website without it. The only issue is that it takes some time for your SEO strategies to start paying off. PPC can help in this situation. You may gain impressions and clicks from Google Ads right now.

It Is Frequently Simpler Than SEO

SEO Geelong usually involves more than what first appears. Several continuing chores must be completed to maintain your website current and comply with algorithm upgrades, ranging from managing backlink profiles to creating interesting content. PPC is a lot easier. Setting up and maintaining campaigns takes less time, and adjustments may almost immediately produce results.

You May Manage Several Accounts

On Google Ads, you are not restricted to just one account. You can manage two businesses simultaneously if you have more than one. Google even offers solutions for users with several or numerous accounts so that adjustments may be made quickly.

Your Rivals Are Using It

Whether you like it or not, your rivals are undoubtedly using Google Ads. Why would they not? You’d be a fool not to realize how much money you might be generating with the capacity to target certain regions, individuals with specific interests, and even the times of day you want your advertising to show.


You’ve established a reputation for yourself in your field. Perhaps your PR campaign was successful, or your SEO efforts were effective. Customers are now specifically seeking you. Don’t settle in too much just yet, though. If you don’t protect your brand name, you may still miss out on converting these searchers into customers. Using Google Ads to make your brand and items more visible may be quite successful.

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