Roller Blinds Vs Curtains: Which One Is Good For Tall Windows?

Generally, tall windows require more out of a window covering. Mostly because of the bigger dimensions. Then why do bigger dimensions demand a more flexible and dynamic kind of window covering?

Here we are sticking to the window coverings which are subjected for tall windows. As mostly been observed that choosing the right covering for tall windows is a lot messier than those of smaller sizes.

Window coverings are a very big industry now, encompassing many as enough types, that it can’t be covered in this talk. So, here is a fun fact, that we are going to cover about the top hottest and most popular.

We will cover the luxurious curtains while competing them with ever-so-green roller blinds. One is one of the most expensive and one is one of the cheapest. One is a kind of natural material and one is just synthetic.

What Are Curtains?

Hopefully, you are well aware of these. If not then do stick to the end for better understanding. First, keep a fact, Curtains are if not the earliest then surely one of the starting points of window coverings.

Basically, consider them classy and luxurious but not so functional. They are a bit less than shades and way lesser than window blinds in terms of functionality.

They are kind of static, when they are open then there is light, closed for lights out. Hang from a metal rod, which is also part of their luxuriousness because it looks so classy at the top.

There are holes at the top or hooks over the top, that pass through the rod, so the curtains can hang. The holes or hooks are also a well-contributed factor in the class of curtains and can be customized easily.

This all above is the design and minimal functionality of curtains, now is time for the main part. Which stands alone makes them way superior to any of the window coverings you name.

Yes, it is the fabric option in curtains. Much versatile from anyone. Indeed, curtains have the highest number of natural options in them. In curtains, there are many enough natural options like cotton, silk, linen, velvet, lace, voile, and many more.

This is the stand-alone reason, why they are the most expensive option available. If this does not suit your budget then worry not, as there is a slightly cheaper site as well. Options like polymer, faux silk, nylon, and rayon, may fit your budget.

Roller Blinds

As I said earlier, they are one of the cheapest window coverings in the industry. Don’t get wrong by their cheapness, thinking that they are good in certain areas and lack in some. Roller blinds are indeed reasonably good in almost all aspects of interior décor.

Verily, roller blinds are different from other standard types of window blinds with those slats. There are no such slats in them. This doesn’t make them invaluable, indeed makes them a bit unique.

The functionality of roller blinds is a bit static like curtains. When it comes to sleekness they are simply more than curtains. This is because of the mechanism of roller blinds.

Overall, it’s the mechanism that makes them stand in front of highly functional window blinds. Roller blinds have a very simple yet impactful mechanism of up and down.

Like curtains, roller blinds has also a very minimal kind of hardware. Just a tube in a frame around which the fabric rolls up and down. As for the fact, that roller blinds are just a single piece of fabric-based panel.

So, Which One Is Good For Tall Windows?

As a matter of the fact, the roller blinds up and down mechanism is much more sleek and mature for tall windows and importantly more affordable for people with a low budget.

Now let’s highlight some of the pros and cons of both of these coverings when on tall windows.

Privacy And Light

Curtains are impressively good in maintaining privacy and light. As they lack functionality, therefore roller blinds have an edge over them easily. Roller blinds do have blackout fabric options, so there is the best combo between functionality and fabric.


As for tall windows, there are much bigger dimensions so the fabric length. Many window coverings lack in providing durability on tall windows while on the same note they are pretty impressive in terms of durability on small windows.

Worry not, as both curtains and roller blinds are highly recommended to have that sharp durability on tall windows. Roller blinds here also have a slight edge because all the fabric options in them are waterproof.


For curtains, there is not so ever a chance to compete with window blinds, especially with roller blinds. Let me clear a thing that it is true that curtains are the well most expensive available option, but they are completely worthy of that. If in case you lack in managing a high budget, then roller blinds are recommended.

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