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The services of Deliver a Cake enable customers to send baked goods together with a custom message. Sendacake Butterflies Customers may customize their service by selecting from options like an exploding box or a butterfly surprise.

How Does It Work

When you make a purchase from Send a Cake, you’re not only sending a sweet treat—you’re also sending a memorable occasion.

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Send a Cake, like other companies highlighted on Shark Tank, lets you highlight the occasion more than usual. Buy cake Send A Cake Promo Code. You may choose which events to include in the list of alternatives. Examples of certain kinds are:

  • Christmas
  • Birthday Explosion Box
  • Confetti Pop Box
  • Gender Reveal
  • Graduation
  • Butterfly Surprise
  • Photo Array
  • Musical Explosion
  • Candy Kaboom
  • Flower Shower
  • Love Box
  • Father’s Day

Flying Butterfly Surprise Cake Explosion Box Gift Surprise

We’ve put together some of our best-selling sets into ready-to-give gift sets — just in time for birthdays! Give the present that keeps on giving with these delicious and thoughtful items:

  • Box of Birthday Explosion Sparklers
  • Sendacake Butterflies-Delivered Chocolate-Chips-Bundt-Cake-Shower

Send Smiles With Sendacake

This cute present comes in a white box and has gold foil confetti, Sendacake Butterflies, and fake flowers, a little Bundt cake covered in icing and sprinkles, and chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Free Personalized Gift Message

Add a personal touch to your present with a message from you written on a free SendaCake notecard.

Easy-To-Give Present That Anyone Will Love

When shopping for a loved one, do you ever feel overwhelmed? Need something unique but don’t feel like going out, wrapping it, or having it shipped? Send this to HIM, HHER, THEY, THEM, PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, TEACHERS, and they’ll be thrilled. Can you picture their surprise when the butterflies fly out of the box?

How To Send A Cake

The steps required to make and deliver a dessert using Sendacake Butterflies are straightforward.

  • Choose the event you’re commemorating.
  • To choose a flavor of cake, click here.
  • A choice of shock (flowers, confetti, memorable gift box)
  • Simply choose a delivery window and type in your address.

Cost And Price Plans

Sendacake Butterflies costs might vary with the specifics of your order. However, the following are already included into the starting prices:

  • Birthday Explosion Box ($10)
  • Confetti Pop Box ($39.95)
  • Gender Reveal ($139.95)
  • Butterfly Surprise ($10)
  • Birthday Explosion Box ($10) 
  • You may pay an extra $10 for Candy Kaboom, $10 for Flower Shower, or $10 for both.

Reviews And Complaints From Internet Users

The BBB has not approved Sendacake Butterflies, LLC as an accredited business (BBB). They too have a dismal F grade. Despite paying for rush delivery, several customers say their cakes either never came or were ruined before they could eat them.

Also, many feel the cakes are overpriced and often come stale. Despite the company’s assurances that its Sendacake Butterflies would remain delicious even after being stored for weeks, several customers report that this is not the case.

If you’re looking for reviews on the firm itself, you won’t find any on Google Reviews, but the surprise element of the present has received praise from a number of independent review sites.

However, many are dissatisfied with the price of the product in relation to the value they obtain.

Is Send A Cake Worth It

Sometimes it’s impossible to enjoy all big events with your buddy or loved one. Sometimes you have to be creative for the celebration due to distance, sickness, or other reasons. You may give a gift or card, but a delicious cake or dessert is better. Deliver a Cake lets clients create and send a cake with amazing effects to loved ones.

The celebrant’s astonishment upon opening a unique cake or dessert is worth it. Other factors must be considered. Send a Cake delivery is expensive and unreliable. Many customers have been satisfied, while others have spent a lot for an inedible cake or a product that never arrived.

Sendacake Butterflies lack of returns and refunds makes it unrecommendable. It’s best to go that method as many firms send delicious treats.


It’s important to do enough research before shelling out cash for a new product. You may find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Sendacake Butterflies below.

Does Send A Cake Use Real Butterflies

Sendacake Butterflies used by the corporation are not real; rather, they are made of paper and are coiled up in advance so that they may easily escape the packaging once it is opened.

Are Send A Cake Cakes Good

The reviews are mixed on how good the company’s cake is. The goods was delivered stale or inedible, according to several reviews.

Where Can I Buy A Send A Cake

The only place to buy Sendacake Butterflies is on their official website.

Butterfly Bakers: Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • Orders cannot cancelled and refunded on the same day since they are all made to order and perishable.
  • Cancellation notice for standard-sized cakes is 1 day, while large and special cakes need 2 days’ notice. In the event of a refund, a processing fee of 5% per purchase will deducted.
  • Send an email to with “Cancellation Request” in the subject line, and provide the following information to cancel your order:
  • I Cancellation Reason ii Cancellation ID for Order
  • In the event of a cancellation, a refund will sent by Butterfly Bakers to the original payment method.
  • Within 7-10 business days of the cancellation date, all refunds will processed.
  • Butterfly Bakers retains complete discretion over whether or not to make any changes, cancel, provide a refund, or provide any other alternatives requested by the customer.
  • Should you be eligible for a refund, you will get Butterfly Bakers Cash points that may used against future purchases.

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