Shinobu Kocho – The Demon Slayer’s Personality

Shinobu has a laid-back personality. He smiles constantly and always has a cheerful demeanor. He smiled when Giyu tried to stop him, and he is very cruel to demons. For example, he killed the Older Sister Spider Demon without cutting off her head. However, despite his calm demeanor, he is very cruel and violent. Read this article to learn more about his personality and how to fight the spider demons.

Insect Hashira

Shinobu Kocho is one of the main characters of Demon Slayer Corps. Although she doesn’t have the superhuman strength or physical ability that other Demon Slayers possess, her unique moves make her deadly in battle. Unlike her siblings, Shinobu also has the unique ability to both block and attack at the same time. To master her unique fighting style, Shinobu must learn her unique moves.

Demon Slayers have traditionally developed derivative styles in order to make use of their limited physical strengths. Shinobu Kocho, at only 4’11”, weighs less than eighty pounds, and lacks the physical strength necessary to decapitate demons. As a result, his insect-breathing style focuses on disorienting, high-speed movements. Insect-Breathing is not the type of style for someone who is large or has a massive physique.

Insect breathing

Insect Breathing is a special attack that can be used to attack the enemy while in flight. Shinobu Kocho invented and developed this technique. The technique was later taken over by Kanae Kocho, the elder sister of Shinobu. She is deceased, but her Flower-Breathing technique is carried on by Kanao Tsuyuri. Shinobu absorbed the techniques from her, including the Butterfly Dance: Caprice. Other signature techniques include the Dance of the Bee Sting: Compound Eye Hexagon and the Butterfly Dance: Caprice.

The technique combines the speed of a flying insect with deadly poison. Shinobu lacks the physical power to decapitate demons, so he has to rely on his speed to beat his enemies. However, this does not limit him from using this attack. The method has numerous advantages. While it is not a perfect technique, it combines super speed and pinpoint piercing attacks. Insect Breathing also allows him to inject poison into the enemy’s body. This poison is potent, and can kill any demon.


Although the character of Shinobu is not as well developed in combat as her Pillars counterparts, she is incredibly skilled in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Her poisons can kill her enemies in a matter of seconds. One such poison was powerful enough to weaken the Moon Doma. This ability allowed her to become a valuable member of the Pillars. However, she cannot become a full-fledged hero like her sister.

The concentrated Wisteria-based poison that Shinobu had been absorbing for a year was so strong that it merged with her own body and cell structures, including her internal organs. Her fingernails and blood also absorbed the poison. It is unclear whether this poison was effective, but it’s still not a pleasant experience to have been exposed to the poison. Shinobu’s attack did not kill Doma, however.


Despite her apparent apathy, Shinobu displays both anger and compassion. She is quick-tempered and believes in standing up for herself, but she also harbors a deep hatred and resentment of her parents and siblings. Although she does not show many signs of emotion, Shinobu’s compassion is very strong, and she cares deeply about her friends and family. However, this compassion comes at a price.

While Shinobu’s compassion and love for her family and friends is admirable, her inability to be sincere has left many fans skeptical. She claims to want to live peacefully with the demons, but in actuality she is very cruel. In the series, she kills a Spider Demon Daughter with a smile. Shinobu is also clearly close to her older sister, because she wears a haori at all times.

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