Solution for shoulder pain that i am suffering after a car accident

Before going to Novomed in their Dubai center, I was in horrible shape and suffered from severe pain because I had Injuries to my shoulders from a car accident. After a few months, I also started to experience neck pain. Additionally, I was unable to drive, which made my day-to-day tasks more challenging. On some days it was even difficult to do anything. My pain only got worse with time and made everything seem like an impossible burden. I went to Novomed last year and I haven’t looked back since.

At first, I was a little worried because it was my first time visiting Novomed, but I was pleasantly amazed by the quick outcomes I saw after just one visit. Everyone I encountered there including the staff and nurses was friendly, helpful, and welcoming, and the doctor was exceptional. I was in so much pain when I entered the office that I was terrified of having someone placing their hand anywhere near my shoulders. Even though it was my first time there, I felt really at peace and everything went perfectly.

I had an examination with X-rays, which revealed a few issues, but thanks to the chiropractor who is very skilled and competent, I was able to move freely again in about two weeks. My neck issue was almost immediately resolved after my initial visit, which produced amazing results. The change was remarkable. I grew stronger over the course of the weeks and today I

feel as well as I did before the car accident. I stopped using painkillers and I finally sleep, walk, and drive better. I am extremely grateful to the best chiropractor in Dubai who was able to give me my mobility and life back, and I would not hesitate to suggest him to anyone suffering from shoulder or neck pain.

I cannot believe the change I now feel. I feel like I am ten years younger. There isn’t anything anymore that I can’t do. Anyone looking for chiropractic care should contact Novomed right away. I will definitely keep going there so that I can maintain a healthy posture and keep living my life pain-free.

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