50 Most Amazing Tech Tricks You Can’t Find on the Internet

Not every tech trick or innovation is found online. For this, you have to find out just the right article for authentic information. Here, you will know 50 amazing tech tricks. And, if you want assignment help on the same, hire a professional expert.

1. Access Everything on the Computer

Microsoft created a new God Mode for Windows computers. The God Mode is essentially a shortcut that allows you to quickly access all of Windows’ maintenance tools.

2. Watch Movies and Listen to Music on Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser can be used to watch movies and listen to music. You only need to drag the media file into Google Chrome.

3. Search ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Images

When you do this, you get to play the game on your computer.

4. Employ Google as Timer

It’s a clever hack that lets you utilize Google as a countdown or alarm clock.

5. Mute a Gmail Thread

If you are a part of a Gmail conversation where you are not conversing, you can mute it. Go to your Gmail inbox and pick the thread you’d like to silence. Then press the More button and choose Mute.

6. Create a pdf book

You can create a readable pdf book in your vernacular from the articles on Wikipedia. Just click on Create a book option.

7. Rely on Google for Complete Phrases

Sometimes we strive to recall a phrase but are unable to do it. You may use Google to complete the phrase for you. Type the statement as you recall it within quotation marks, and instead of forgotten words, type an asterisk (*).

8. Make Sure that the Site is Safe

Most malware and viruses enter your computer unknowingly when you click on a malicious link or visit an infected URL. In this regard, Google Transparency Report makes sure about the authenticity of a website.

9. Convert a Video to Gif

Often we need to convert a YouTube video into animated gifs, and embed it into an MS Word document or web page. is a fantastic tool that turns a YouTube video into a gif instantly. You need to provide the YouTube URL.

10. Increase the Volume of Phone

You can increase the volume of the smartphone by placing it into a paper cup.

11. Android Device manager- the Savior

If you have lost your phone or if it has been stolen, you can use Android Device Manager to erase, ring or lock the device.

12. Check Android Notifications on PC

If you wish to check all the notifications you receive on your Android smartphone, on the PC, you have to use You can share pictures, music, files, links, etc.

13. Avoid Accident Tab Closing

If you want to avoid the accidental closing of a tab, perform this step. Select Pin or Pin Tab from the right-click menu of an open tab in your browser. You will not be able to close the tab because it will be fixed by the browser.

14. Explore Deep Sky Objects via the Internet

You can use Google to explore planets, constellations, galaxies, stars, etc. The Google Sky is an effective tool that is enjoyed by not only kids but by adults too.

15. Download All Data from Google

You can download all the data from Google, including Gmails, at the mere click of a button. You can open the Google Takeout Website on your browser and download all the emails on your device.

16. Use Google Chrome as a Notepad

We all need to jot down brief notes, and notepad apps are ideal for this. We can take advantage of Google Chrome in this regard. All you have to do is type this code in the URL: data:text/html, <htmlcontenteditable>

17. Delete all Social Media Accounts

Do you wish to delete all your social media accounts but are not aware of the steps? Then you should click on for guidance.

18. Install Windows Programs at Once

You can install all the windows programs at once with the help of You just have to select the apps you need, and with this software, you won’t have to install applications one by one.

19. Use Keyboard to Scroll Down Webpages

On every webpage, use the space bar to navigate down. To scroll up, hold the shift key and the space bar at the same time.

20. Use Headphones as a Mic

Take any set of headphones you have lying around, connect them into the microphone jack, and begin speaking. This will save you money.

21. Re-open a closed tab

If you mistakenly close an essential tab in your browser, simply press command+shift+t on a Mac or control+shift+t on a Windows PC to re-open it.

22. Stream Movie at Reasonable Rates

If you’re a cable cutter, you’ll adore this website: CanIStream. It will inform you where you may watch any movie for free or at a reduced cost.

23. Hide People from Twitter

The mute button on Twitter is a little-known and underappreciated feature. You can keep following an account, but its tweets and retweets will be hidden from your timeline.

24. Log Out of Facebook Remotely

Have you logged into Facebook, but then forgot to log out on an unfamiliar device? Go to your Facebook’s “settings” drop-down menu, pick “security,” and then proceed to “while you’re logged in.” Close all open sessions.

25. Improve WiFi Signal

WiFi Analyzer App scans frequencies and recommends the best channels to use on your network to avoid interference. As a result, you’ll get quicker WiFi.

For direct music download links, search “[album or song name] -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp3|wma|aac|flac)”.

27. Use Spotlight for Calculation

With this method, you’ll never need to use a calculator again if you have a Mac. To make quick calculations in Spotlight search, use command+ space.

28. Quickly Dial Back Last Caller

The quickest method is to use your phone’s call button. It will redial their phone number.

29. Press J and L on YouTube

Hit J to rewind a video 10 seconds and press L to fast-forward 10 seconds.

30. Do Not Use Full Stop Key Again

Simply press the space bar twice for a full stop, and the following letter will be capitalized as well.

31. Generate Coupon Codes with Honey

To start saving money right away, install the Honey add-on extension for Chrome. It automatically adds promo codes at any online merchant during checkout.

32. Monitor Email Address monitors your IP address and lets you know whether you have any breaches.

33. WiFi QR Code for Guests

You can visit sites for generating QR codes, and you can share them with your guests. You will never have to give out the password again.

34. Avoid Getting Redirected to Country-Specific Google Search Page

The only way to avoid this is to try

Meanwhile, if you face issues with custom writing, you can ask your peers for assistance.

35. Delete One Word at a Time

You can do this by clicking on CTRL+Backspace.

36. Use Disposable Temporary Email Services

If you want to sign into not-so-useful websites, you can rely on disposable temporary email for avoiding spam.

37. MIT App Inventor

You can now create your own Android apps without having prior knowledge in programming or Android development.

38. Access Address Bar Directly

You should press CTRL+L or F6 directly to access the address bar.

39. Use Incognito Mode for Online Shopping

Shopping online, esp. hotel tickets, and airlines, via incognito mode saves you money. The prices tend to increase every time you visit the site.

40. Start Chrome’s In-Built Task Manager

To start it, just do Shift + Esc.

41. Download YouTube videos

Replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the address bar to download the video on your PC.

42. Capture Exact Steps

Windows consist of a free screen recorder, and it captures the exact steps you wish to know and look at later. For this, you need to search psr in your computer.

43. Download YouTube audios

To download the video’s audio, replace “youtube” with “listentoyoutube” in the URL and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

44. Being productive on the Internet

Cold Turkey is a free application that locks specific websites for a certain time, preventing you from accessing them even if you wish to.

45. Quick Reverse on Image

You may quickly reverse any image by pressing the ‘S+Right’ click key combination.

46. Browser Shortcuts

For a surfing task, shortcuts or hotkeys will be useful.

ALT + D for adding a page to bookmarks
Ctrl+(+) and Ctrl+(-) for adjusting the size of the page

47. Convert Numbers to Words

Have you ever had a hard time figuring out the exact terminology for numbers in the millions? If yes, then just type “Numbers=English.”

48. Play Games

Just search for the games listed below to get started:

“Tic Tac Toe”
“Snake Game”

49. Find Out Sunrise Time

All you need to do is type “Time the Sunrise” in Google to find out the sunrise timing.

50. Save a Website

You can save a website just by holding the key combination of CTRL+S.

These are some of the tech tricks that you should know.

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