The Best Types of Timber & Finishes for Your Furniture

The Best Types of Timber & Finishes for Your Furniture

Furniture made of wood gives your home a slick and elegant atmosphere, whether looking Furniture Lounge Sunderland at a pine cabinet or a massive oak table. Many kinds of wood are used in furniture for homes and are given various finishes to create distinct looks.

The price of furniture made of wood varies because different species of trees thrive naturally within the exact area. You’ll find pine in colder climates and in the tundra, where pine is the predominant species.

Oak sees more use in temperate zones. These are only the most common examples. We’re here to provide you with the basics of the various kinds of wood and its finishing.

Types of Timber

The first is a brief overview of the different types of timber.

Oak for Solid Furniture Pieces

Oak is a heavy solid wood commonly employed in furniture designed to hold a significant amount of weight. It is among the most costly solid woods; it is used in tables, cabinets as well as on the occasional chair leg. It comes in two shades that are white and red. Furniture Direct UK

Red oak is slightly more durable than white oak; however, both are beautiful. Its open texture creates distinct patterns. The grain of oak is usually straight throughout the wood. The oak tree is found throughout a variety of forests in temperate climates.

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Pine for Light Colour & Texture

Pinewood gets a lot of applications in furniture that is not treated, mainly because its light colour and smooth texture make it simple to stain, paint, or alter in any other way. Sunderland Furniture Centre

Pine is a highly soft wood that can work well with curly and ornate furniture due to how easy it is to form.

Since it’s a soft wood, It is very susceptible to damage, especially in the absence of treatment. You should consider pine furniture if you’re looking for wood with a distinctive curving grain and knots.

It is a coniferous species, and it thrives better in northern climates and will likely be more affordable in those regions.

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Ash for Hardy Wood Furniture

Ash is a popular choice Furniture Warehouse Sunderland for various furniture since it is more durable and receptive to paint and finishes. When you use oak, you’ll only choose its natural colours. If you decide to apply an ash finish, you’ll notice its distinct pale appearance.

The main advantage of ash over oak is that it is resistant to decay. It is used in modern furniture more often than oak since it’s more readily accessible. It is native to European forests, but it does occasionally be found throughout North America.

Mahogany for High-Quality Furniture

It’s among the most costly woods and therefore is utilized in high-end, premium furniture. Mahogany is a distinct, dark red-brown shade, making it ideal with almost every kind of furniture.

It’s a comfortable and straightforward wood to work so that it can be cut into elaborate trimmings and fittings. It is mainly used for cabinets and drawers. The tree is large and produces large boards.

The two other varieties of mahogany that exist tend to flourish within areas like the Philippines and Honduras. This type of tree has grey and orange shades, respectively.

Walnut for Dark, Natural Colours

Walnut is easily the most expensive of hardwoods used in furniture. Like mahogany, it can be utilized in a large variety of furniture.

It’s not the hardest of woods, but it’s relatively simple to work on. Walnut wood is among the darkest natural colours, ranging from dark to black. It is often used in china cabinets and occasional tables. Living room storage furniture UK

The 4 Most Common Finishes

There are a variety of finishes that can give your wood the perfect shine to make the wood stand out.

Lacquer for High Sheen

For a finish, it creates a glossy shine that is applied using the sprayer. It’s a substance that dries on the wood and forms a smooth coating after the solvent in the liquid evaporates.

Lacquer is among the most robust finishes, which is why you frequently see it on furniture, but it could get discoloured over time and scratched. Furniture stores Sunderland

Natural Oils for Rich Polish

Oils are liquids that penetrate the wood giving it a rich, elegant look without forming a waterproof coating the way lacquer can.

It’s simple to apply: saturate it with the oil, and rub it in using the rag. After that, you can smooth it out to get an even more polished appearance.

The most popular oils used are tung oil and linseed oil due to their abundance. If applied, they will make a film that has to be applied regularly. It is also possible to apply mineral oil on the surfaces where food is to be put.

Shellac for Golden Amber Look

Many people are confused by the words shellac and lacquer. However, they’re not identical. Shellac can be described as a naturally occurring substance resulting from the lac bug. When combined with rubbing alcohol, these chemicals create a formula that gives a deep amber hue that lasts on the wood for a lengthy period.

Since shellac is a partly organic substance, it may degrade when exposed. This is why it’s a substance that you shouldn’t be using on surfaces that receive high temperatures, such as kitchen counters or tables.

Wax for Fine Polish

Wax is a different finish that can be used by many new woodworkers. It is an excellent finish for furniture that isn’t subject to much use and wear, such as bookcases.

Apply warm wax using an untried rag on the wood. It will last as long as a year. The wax finish can come off easily when it dissolves by natural spirit. This is helpful when you want to apply an entirely new finish or repair wood damage.

If you’re looking to buy made furniture or apply new designs to existing pieces, it is essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks of different types of finishes.

When choosing furniture, knowing what material the furniture is constructed of will help you determine if it’s the right fit for your home.

Furniture made of wood can be costly. However, it’s worth the cost. Different types of wood exist. However, these are items such as particle board, plywood and many other items that don’t work in an elegant décor.

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