The Differences Between Sculptra And Others Treatment

Age is there in our faces in full. Sagging skin, superficial to deep facial wrinkles, hollowed cheeks, depressions, and indentations can all be seen in the mirror, highlighting the changes that the years have brought about. We now have more options than merely accepting our physical changes as we age thanks to advancements in anti-aging treatments. Sculptra is only one of the many options available at Celibre Medical to help you regain your youthful appearance.

Sculptra: What Is It?

Liquid poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic version of lactic acid, is used as an injectable in Sculptra. Our bodies naturally produce lactic acid after exercise, which is sent to our muscles when they are oxygen-depleted after vigorous exertion. The synthetic version functions as a potent collagen stimulator when injected into the skin tissue.  The most prevalent protein in the human body, collagen, is present in connective tissue.

Additionally, it’s what gives skin its suppleness, smoothness, and quickness to recover. Hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and cushions the skin, and elastin, which maintains the contour of the skin, are both produced with the help of collagen. Our collagen production slows down as we become older. Collagen loss is believed to start around age 18 and continue at a steady rate until it reaches zero. Sculptra causes your body to gradually replace the lactic acid with its own collagen, in contrast to conventional fillers that just fill in the spaces left by wrinkles with another substance. The tissue progressively fills up the hollow areas of your face, giving you a more youthful, fuller appearance. It is FDA-approved and devoid of either human or animal DNA.

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How to Prepare?

You will discuss your areas of concern with your provider during a consultation. Your medical and aesthetic professional will talk about how this procedure might help you and the timetable for outcomes you might anticipate. There is no need for you to prepare for the therapy in any way. Each treatment is given in-office, and the majority of patients say they can resume their normal routines right away. To ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure, many practitioners will apply a little dose of a topical anesthetic. 

The solution will then be injected into you in the predetermined locations. Most people are surprised by how comfortable they feel during treatment, and you can take some ice with you to use at home if you have any slight soreness. Clients often require three sessions spread out over many months, with an average break of six weeks between sessions. The customer, the targeted results, and the facial structure all influence the number of treatments and the actual interval between them. The ideal course of treatment for your particular needs will be decided by your aesthetic practitioner.

A Good Candidate: Am I?

Sculptra is now accessible to anyone who has had volume loss or hollowness due to aging, weight loss, or heredity. It was first FDA-approved for patients whose faces had lost volume due to sickness. The most frequently treated locations are the temple region and sunken cheeks, however other places can also be successfully addressed. Customers seeking to restore youthful plumpness to their chin, jawline, and chest region report successful and durable results. 

The Sculptra procedure is now frequently used to diminish wrinkles and folds that cause smile lines, lines around the lips and nose, and lines on the chin. It’s crucial to speak with a qualified specialist who can direct you toward the best course of action if you want to see lasting improvements in any of these areas.


With Sculptra treatment, results take time to appear. Do not forget that this is not a standard filler where spaces are filled with a substitute substance right away. This bio-activator is intended to stimulate your body’s natural filling of hollow spaces and lines. Although some people claim to experience improvements right away after their first treatment, the best outcomes are often seen between four and nine months. From the time of the final treatment, until the full effects are seen, you’ll notice improvements in your face. These outcomes can persist up to two years, in contrast to other derma fillers. Even 25 months later, 80% of clients still express satisfaction with their outcomes. About two years after the injections, the lactic acid is gone, but the remaining collagen can prolong the effects.

Other Treatments

Since Sculptra doesn’t produce results right away, it’s customary to combine it with injectables that do, especially for patients who have upcoming special occasions. Ask your medical and cosmetic professional about other procedures that might work well if you desire results that have multiple layers. Together, you may create your unique treatment plan and a reasonable schedule for the outcomes you want.

Additional Dermal Fillers

Other dermal fillers, like Juvederm, may offer more rapid results for those seeking them. Our skin is more likely to develop wrinkles and folds as we age because our collagen production declines, which means that the structure that once kept our skin supple is gradually vanishing.

Depending on which of the following you’re dealing with, you and your aesthetician may decide that different dermal fillers are best for you:

  • Your mouth’s corners will droop.
  • lip thinning
  • Your nose has deep folds on either side.
  • the creases and lines on your forehead
  • Your skin may have depression due to scarring.

Hyaluronic acid, the hydrator naturally present in young skin, is used in fillers like Juvederm to smooth wrinkles and thinning areas like lips. Depending on your circumstances, the amount of filler you received, and a number of other factors, these results may last up to nine months.


Medical-grade needles that are hair-thin are used during micro needling. The tool makes tiny channels in your skin as it moves delicately over it. Your body produces more collagen as a result of the natural healing response that these microscopic pinpricks set off. Following that, the collagen fills in wrinkles and concave acne scarring.


One of the most popular procedures used to address various aging symptoms is BOTOX. The top face tends to respond best to this treatment. A neurotoxin that has been cleaned up and filtered, BOTOX targets the fundamental cause of wrinkles—repeated, deep motions. Your facial expressions over time are a factor in how your skin looks since the same muscles work in the same ways over the years.

All It Takes Is A Consultation

Your entire life may change if you alter how you view aging and how it affects your face. After treating common skin and aging issues, patients report feeling happier, more confident, and less anxious in social situations that may have previously caused anxiety.

Clients who have procedures like Sculptra and others meant to restore youth feel more in control of their own aging process, which gives them a sense of empowerment.

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