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The Palmer Report and Media Bias Fact Check

The Palmer Report is a website that is infamous for publishing hyperpartisan content and making unsubstantiated claims. The site has been around since 2016, and is renowned for its conspiracy theories about the Trump campaign and Russia. While the site claims to be a “progressive” news site, it has also been linked to news organizations like NewsGuard and Media Bias Fact Check. This article will explain some of the connections between the Palmer Report and these news organizations.


The NewsGuard – Palmer report is an evaluation of the credibility, transparency, and accuracy of media sites. Sites that have a NewsGuard rating of low, moderate, or high are more likely to meet the standards of transparency and credibility. A NewsGuard rating of low is indicative of satire, a conservative-leaning site that does not distinguish between news and opinion, or a liberal-leaning site that fails to disclose ownership.

The study is based on an analysis of two articles from the Palmer Report. The study was conducted by NewsGuard, an organization that has been the subject of controversy. NewsGuard has been accused of co-opting other fact checking sites by requesting that news outlets respond to its findings. But despite the recent controversy, NewsGuard appears to be piggybacking on the least reputable “fact checking” site on the web.

Media Bias Fact Check’s relationship with the Palmer Report

The Palmer Report is a politically-themed blog that has published numerous articles and blog posts since 2015. It is owned by Bill and Linda Palmer, who have been critical of the Trump campaign. Nevertheless, Media Bias Fact Check has rated the Palmer Report as biased and reliable. In an attempt to shed light on Palmer’s political bias, we reviewed some of the Palmer Report’s articles.

A link at the end of Palmer’s articles directed people to donations to his GoFundMe campaigns. This is particularly suspicious given that the Palmer Report doesn’t cite any sources and adds very little to their articles. When people saw these articles spread on Twitter, they began to question the source of the information they were reading. Fortunately, Guterman had a screenshot of the email and pointed out that it was from Palmer himself.

Bill Palmer’s involvement with the Palmer Committee

Bill and Alice’s passion for Africa and foreign policy issues have led to their involvement in the “Palmer Committee,” a group that has acted to spur African American involvement in global affairs. Bill Palmer has served as chairman of the Senate Advisory Committee on South Africa and is an adviser to the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Michael Manly, and Harlem Desirs, an MEP from France. The Palmer Committee has also been involved in addressing urban instability issues.

While Bill Palmer’s role with the Palmer Committee is unclear, it was important to note that his involvement with the group was not without controversy. The Palmer Raids, which took place during the Red Scare, violated the rights of many people without warrants. Many of those arrested were not even citizens of the United States. Because of this, Palmer was accused of a number of treasonous crimes, and the Justice Department was forced to explain their actions to Congress.

The Palmer Report’s relationship with Laurence Tribe

The Palmer Report has a questionable relationship with the media mogul Laurence Tribe. Palmer’s relationship with Tribe began when Binkowski came across his writing on the website. He was not immediately familiar with Tribe before he started his own site, but he had been active in political media circles prior to launching The Palmer Report. At that time, he was writing for the Daily News Bin, which was heavily biased toward Hillary Clinton.

However, despite his claims that Pantsuit Nation is a fake organization, Palmer wrote about it in his Facebook group. He called the group administrator a “vicious piece of work” and reported it to Facebook as fraudulent. Later, when he contacted the site administrator, he blocked other members and began to promote his own, bogus site. While no one is sure what exactly happened, Palmer’s post caused quite a stir.

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