Tips To Score High Marks in Health And Physical Education Class 12

Class 12 exams are the gateway to securing a place in top engineering colleges, which intake students through merit. The students aiming for such colleges should work on the strategy to gain the maximum possible marks. Besides hard work, smart work helps combat every subject easily in the long run. Health and Physical Education is one the most interesting and scoring subjects for students. Every student has little information about basic sports like cricket, football, basketball, and badminton. Polishing the same through knowledge can help them earn high marks, eventually improving the percentage. Currently specifying on this subject, here are the important tips for scoring high marks in health and physical education class 12:

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1. Syllabus

The primary step is to get hold of the syllabus. It will help them understand the expectations of invigilators. The students must cover all the required sports mentioned in the syllabus. It will help them curate their strategy and further efficiently segregate their time.

2. Get Best Reference Books

Students must use standard books for exam preparation. It helps them remain in synchronisation with the board and avoids confusion. Apart from this, supplementary books like Saraswati Health And Physical Education Class 12 (CBSE) are also available.

Benefits of Health And Physical Education Class 12 book:

● It covers all the sports, helping students with any chosen sport from the syllabus.

● Provides diagrammatic explanations of topics for enhanced clarity.

● The book contains precise information facilitating understanding.

● The updated facts state current information based on the latest rules and regulations for the games.

3. Form a Study Plan

The students need to handle multiple subjects to clear a board exam. Segregating proper and well-deserved subjects is the key to efficiently handling the subjects. Learn about the weak and strong subjects. Know your knowledge of sports and properly accommodate the health and physical education in the timetable. Devote undisturbed time to the subject.

4. Self Study

Self study is the key to success. Students must fix a specific time for revision and recalling of the studies. The lack of self study results in inability to relate the concepts reducing the understanding of the subject. Moreover, self study is required for every subject, irrespective of ease level. Ensure to include health and physical education in the self study schedule.

5. Consistent Revision

Students must revise the rules of sports and important points. To increase memorising, write the points on sticky notes and view it once daily. It does not require much time and effort and helps in the long run. Similarly, remain updated on General Knowledge of the sports and revise it.

6. Practice

The best method to articulate a precise answer is learned through practice. The board examinations are sometimes lengthy and require speed. Apart from this, the invigilator looks for correctly phrased answers with all the relevant information in a precise manner. To do the same, practice as much as possible. It also helps in clarifying the concepts.

7. Mock Tests

Mock tests hold high significance for students who have prepared hard and are appearing for the exam. These are released by conducting authority and help in the time management of the students during exam time. It also helps to mould the time to work under pressure and in the exam environment. Moreover, it helps to recognise weak and strong points, further helping in framing a strategy.

8. Time Management

While dividing the time for studies, try to utilise it productively. It means curating smart strategies to distribute time efficiently. Understand the topics and your knowledge of each. There must be some easy and difficult topics. Similarly, some will be interesting, and some will be boring. Students must give less time to the easy topic and more time to important or difficult topics in health and physical education. Generally, students divide their time equally among each other, resulting in a waste of time.

9. Drawing

Diagrams are the best representation of a thousand words. The diagrammatic representations and figures hold high weightage and mandatorily help the students to get high scores. Students who are not well at writing long answers can also utilise diagrams to exhibit their conceptual clarity. Multiple aspects like playgrounds, the position of players, goal positions, and strategies can be represented in health and physical education through diagrams.

10. Revise in Examination

Ensure revision of the paper after the examination. Everyone writes the answers in flow, ignoring mistakes to focus on phrasing the answer. During revision, these mistakes are generally identified. Not revising the answer may result in small mistakes, which will cost marks.


Health and physical education is among the scoring and interesting subjects for board students. It requires the least preparation due to familiarity with the concepts. Furthermore, the Health and Physical Education class 12 guides students to design properly phrased answers in a precise manner. Moreover, practising mock tests will indicate the pattern and type of questions being asked, helping students earn full marks in the subject.

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