What To Avoid While Preparing for the IELTS Exam?

The people aiming to migrate abroad have to appear for the IELTS exam. Well, many of them get the required and excellent score. But some of them get a low IELTS score and get pushed away from their dream. Well, the reasons behind this are some mistakes that a candidate done while preparing or attempting the IELTS exam. In this article, we have written some mistakes that every candidate aiming for the IELTS exam must avoid. No doubt, avoiding these mistakes will clear his path to an excellent IELTS score. Well, while reading these mistakes, you will find them very minor. But remember that minor mistakes are enough to create blunders. 

Keep your IELTS exam preparations error-free by avoiding the mistakes written in this article. Book your IELTS exam date only after well-done sincere preparations. Well, there are some common activities that enhance the quality of your exam preparations. We will also try to cover the best of them in this article. 

Avoid the following written mistakes and enhance the quality of your IELTS exam preparations:

Not analyzing the sample papers

This is one of the initial steps that you have to follow during the IELTS exam preparation. Get some sample papers over the web and start to look at the questions. You will identify your strengths, weaknesses, and material to grasp while studying. Jumping on books after finalizing the decision to appear for the test is not an appropriate way to start preparations. Get the crucial information about the exam through the sample papers. Then, begin your exam preparations. Analyzing sample papers will help you get a solid foundation for exam preparations. 

Not learning English practically 

During the IELTS exam preparations, you get a chance to implement your knowledge practically. Since our childhood, we are fed up with theatrical knowledge. But during this time, you implement the grammar rules and vocabulary by creating some examples. Get a topic that you feel interested in. Then, start to write on it. For instance, if you love the rain, write about what you like about it, what you do when it rains, etc. Selecting an interesting topic will inspire you to write more about it. Furthermore, try to translate the Hindi songs into the English language. After this, analyze if you have translated them correctly. Well, translations are no more considered an appropriate way to learn English. But using them to create your interest in the preparations is never wrong. 

Neglecting vocabulary

Using a good level of Vocabulary is essential to show proficiency in the language. The role played by the vocabulary in the IELTS exam is very vital to getting an excellent score. For this, create a list of words you don’t know or are fresh to you. Then, sit peacefully under a tree and get your dictionary. Learn the words from the list you have created. Analyze the words peacefully to properly understand the meaning of each word. Additionally, look for their synonyms and antonyms or play games on google to get more help on this. 

Neglecting the requirements of the exam

Well, there are some requirements to ace the exam that every candidate should research. Fulfilling these requirements is mandatory to achieve excellent scores. The IELTS exam also has its own requirements that every candidate should know. Such as the proper time limit, the test format, key factors to ace each module, etc. For acing the listening section, you have to get familiar with listening to English. Avoid practising reading to get excel in the listening section. Practice reading English to excel in the reading module of the IELTS exam. 

Rushing while attempting the paper

Every candidate should take two seconds to plan what actually they want to say before speaking. It is advisable to organize your thoughts to give a better and more accurate answer. The answer that is disorganized and hard to understand will get a low score. Also, try to organize your answer before commencing writing your answer during the writing section. 

Book your IELTS/PTE exam dates only after checking if your exam preparations are free from the mistakes mentioned in this article. Furthermore, check the suitable exam dates from the official web portal of the exam conducting body. 


Well, hitting an excellent IELTS score will help you a lot in the English-speaking country you want to settle in. Using the right approach to achieve an excellent IELTS score is essential. Furthermore, do your best to avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article while aiming for the IELTS exam. 

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