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Talkhomebusiness is a work-from-home business discussion forum sharing ideas and tips on starting a home-based business and working from home as well as home-based business opportunities.

Also, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Fendi. I help run the forum – together with its owner and my dependable and trustworthy partner Paul Lynch. My current status is a Super Moderator at the forum with Paul as the Admin and together both of us run the forum.

Our aim is to foster a community of home business advocates and help one another become successful in our own right and achieve the goal of working from home – I’d rather say minding your own home business.

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The aim is to promote the forum and discuss topics related to home businesses online and offline.

The blog also aims to introduce ways to make money online from home. There are many ways that one can start earning a decent amount of income online; that includes working as a freelancer or owning your own business.

These include blogging (as this blog is about), being an affiliate, producing and selling your own products, simply offering your services such as writing skills, design skills, programming etc; and many others as well.

The topics will include an expansion of discussions from the members at Do join us to be part of the close and friendly community and learn from our fellow members. Joining is absolutely FREE.

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Check out our monthly competitions and our advertising threads where members can post their services or simply share an offer. => Here

I will also be recommending great resources for all but do check out the forum 1st!

Finally, we hope that everyone gets to learn something valuable from this blog and at the forum.

Do leave your comments and support us! Subscribe as a reader too!

P.S. Leaving your comments with your website (if you have one), simply generates instant backlinks to your site! I don’t recommend submitting affiliate sites as these only benefit the owners, not you.

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