What is a Wight?

A wight is a sentient creature found in mythology. Wights are often undead. They are considered to be sentient creatures due to their ability to sense and act on their environment. The following traits are common to wights. A wight is valorous, lusty, and strong. This trait makes them dangerous enemies. However, a wight’s true nature is unknown.


In Season 4 of Game of Thrones, a nimble wight hunted Arya Stark. Javier Botet played the role of the wight. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who also created the show, returned to their roles as Wildlings in the Great Hall celebration scene. Both actors played a variety of characters, including a cyborg.


The Lusty Wight is a supernatural being that is known to haunt the earth. It is the most dangerous of the seven deadly sins, and its purpose is to destroy the world by killing all human beings. It was first mentioned in the ancient myth of Yenus, a God of color. Yenus, while travelling through the heavens, prayed to God for help. While on his journey, he swore to make God grant him lusty wight.

The lusty wight’s name is cognate with the other Germanic words imp, putte, and broghte. Several other names for the wight include Old Norse vaettr, Dutch wicht, Norwegian vette, Swedish vette, and Danish vaette. Wicht is a word that means “small person” in High German and Low German. The word imp is also found in Germanic folklore, though it is not related to the English word witch. A wight is similar to an elf, but they are not the same.


A valorous wight is a noble, brave, or courageous creature. Its name is derived from the English words brave, stout, and valiant. It is often shortened to “wight”.

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