What is the Salary of a Cloud Engineer?

An individual who is accountable for the creation and upkeep of a cloud computing environment is known as a cloud engineer. Cloud engineers may choose to specialize in a variety of areas, including cloud administration, cloud development, and cloud architecture. Earning the AWS Cloud architect certification credential demonstrates a candidate’s proficiency in AWS technology across a wide variety of AWS services. This certification places emphasis on the design of cost- and performance-optimized solutions and necessitates an in-depth familiarity with the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This certification helps certified professionals improve their career profiles and earnings, as well as their credibility and self-confidence when interacting with stakeholders and customers.

In recent years, cloud computing has developed into common practice. Cloud computing is most likely not an unfamiliar concept to you at this point in terms of technology. As a result of advancements in cloud computing, users can now access their preferred streaming services to watch or listen to content, utilize an online email platform, and back up the photos on their smartphones to the internet. An engineer working in the Cloud is responsible for ensuring that everything is operating as it should behind the scenes. The three cloud service providers with the most customers are Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

  • The annual salary range for Cloud Application Architects at Amazon Web Services (AWS) is between $140,000 and $150,000.
  • The annual salary range for a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft can be anywhere from $89,149 to $183,116.
  • Recent hires at Google have included sales engineers and program managers with salaries ranging between $134,000 and $174,000. These positions are related to the Cloud.

The information regarding the following additional positions, as well as their corresponding salaries, are as listed below:

  • Cloud Engineers at Cisco have the potential to make a yearly salary of up to $187,300.
  • Cloud Operations Engineers at Citrix have the potential to earn up to $150,000 per year.
  • There is a potential annual salary of $202,982 for Cloud Developers at VMware.
  • Cloud DevOps Engineers at Lenovo can make up to $163,645 annually.

There are some cloud certifications that can also help cloud engineers command higher salaries. One example is the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification, which earns cloud-competent professionals an average of $175,761 per year. Cloud engineers who possess this certification can command higher salaries.

The results of a survey of more than 4,000 salaries that was carried out by Indeed indicate that the average annual salary for cloud engineers is $120,370, in addition to a cash bonus of $10,000. And according to Glassdoor, a website that allows workers to report their own salaries, the average salary for a cloud engineer in the United States is $131,409. (based on the 738 responses received)

According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary for cloud architects is $153,000, but it can reach as high as $210,000. Cloud architects can anticipate even higher annual compensation because of this fact.

All salaries above are in U.S. dollars. It goes without saying that a person’s salary can change based on their location; similarly, your driving distance may change depending on where your home base is located. The average annual salary for a Cloud Engineer in India is 5.4 Lakhs, with a salary range that can go as high as 12.5 Lakhs. The figure was derived from the median annual income of 76,000 dollars for Cloud Engineers. Cloud engineer salaries in India can range anywhere from 3 lakhs to 12.5 lakhs for those with one year of experience up to seven years of experience, with an average annual salary of 5.4 lakhs based on 7.6k salaries.

AWS Cloud architect Certification Path

A good approach in terms of cloud architect certification would be to enroll in the AWS cloud architect certification program conducted by Simplilearn. The following is the path of study:

  1. Caltech’s Professional Graduate Program in the Cloud Orientation Session

In conjunction with the Caltech CTME, launch the postgraduate program in cloud computing, and conduct an investigation into the program in its entirety. Begin your transition to the Cloud with the help of our preparatory courses: Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services Technical Foundations, and Microsoft Azure Foundations

  1. AWS Solutions Architect – SAA C02 – PG CC –

Obtaining certification as an AWS Solutions Architect will enable you to design, plan, and scale AWS implementations by utilizing more than 70 different cloud computing services. This course on cloud computing is aligned with the most recent exam offered by AWS, which includes best practices that have been designated by Amazon.

  1. Microsoft Azure Administrator Certified Professional with PG CC: AZ:104

Through the completion of this Cloud Computing certification course, you will be given access to Azure Administrator training. This training will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the administrative lifecycle in the Azure environment. During this training for Azure, you will learn how to maintain the various computing, storage, network, and security-related services. Improve your knowledge of Azure Administrator and get ready to take the AZ-104 exam to show off your skills.

  1. PG CC – Design of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions AZ:305

This cloud computing certification course covers Azure training with more advanced activities on the Azure platform, such as managing Azure resources, configuring and deploying virtual machines and networks, mastering Azure Active Directory, and securing data. Other topics covered in this course include securing data, mastering Azure Active Directory, and configuring and deploying virtual machines and networks. You will also learn, amongst other things, how to identify data storage options, integrate SaaS services with Azure, and author deployments.

  1. PG CC: Senior Capstone in Cloud Computing (PG CC)

This Cloud Computing Capstone Project will provide you with the opportunity to put the skills you’ve acquired throughout the Cloud Computing training to use in a real-world setting. You will gain the knowledge necessary to solve a real-world problem that is aligned with the cloud industry through one-on-one mentoring sessions. The project is the final step in the learning path, and it will give you the opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers that you are proficient in Cloud Computing.

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