What to anticipate and how to watch Google’s “Live from Paris” event

At a Live from Paris event, Google appears ready to share new details about the AI-powered conversational AI system, Bard. This event will take place roughly 24 hours after Microsoft announced that Bing and Edge would be powered by ChatGPT. Remember that Google has been dabbling with AI and ML for years, but it now wants to compete with AI systems like ChatGPT and perhaps even DALL-E. Additionally, it intends to employ AI to guide you in a more “natural and intuitive” search for the information you need. if you need More Latest Tech news Please click on

Google Live from Paris will take place when?

The following times will be broadcast globally on Wednesday, February 9, 2023 for “Google presents: Live from Paris”:

8:30 AM ET in New York
5:30 AM PT in San Francisco
London, GMT 1:30
Paris: CET 2:30
What is Google Live from Paris and how can I watch it online?
On YouTube, the Live from Paris event will be streamed in real time. Clicking the play button will start the video at the top of this page.

What can we anticipate from Google Live from Paris?

Recently, Google unveiled Bard, a LaMDA Ai-based conversational AI system. This system, though, is a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and has been forewarned by a former Google engineer to become sentient. Anyway, we may anticipate hearing more about Bard and Google’s developments in AI and machine learning at the event. Given that Microsoft recently unveiled a Bing and Edge-powered search experience, we think it will concentrate on how AI can assist users who are conducting web searches as well.

Wish to learn more?

A new player has entered the field of AI chatbots, and it comes from Google. Its name is Bard, and it’s made to directly compete with OpenAI’s well-liked ChatGPT, which debuted last autumn. A conversational AI service that uses Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications, or LaMDA, is what it is referred to as. Beginning on February 6, 2023, Bard will be made more readily accessible to a select number of vetted testers. Numerous activities, including as text production, question-answering, and summarization, are among its many capabilities.

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